Love Poetry in Urdu

Urdu Poetry about love

There is no doubt that poetry from all over the world is incomplete without love poetry. Love poetry is mostly read by the young generation. Thus keeping the demand of our dear readers. Today we are giving a super collection of Love Poetry in Urdu.

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We have tried our best to give you the best ever love Urdu poetry collection. However, now you have to decide that our effort is successful or not. Your valuable suggestions are a super boost for us to work best in the future.

Best Urdu Poetry about Love

Love Urdu Poetry

The poetry of Urdu poets is very famous all over the world. As we are writing this special article for love poetry in urdu. Thus we are going to share now the amazing poetry of famous Urdu poets.

Love Urdu Poetry

We do not any time to do anything else. As your telling, your memories keep me very busy.

In this verse, the poet is telling that he is very busy in the memories of her lover. As he has no time to do any other work.

Best Love Urdu Poetry

If anyone angry with you. Then immediately settle your relationship. Because separation is often won in the battle of the ego.

The poet is telling us that sometimes our ego kills our relationship. So always try to patch your relations by killing the ego.

Urdu Love Poetry

Love has changed, sometimes intention has changed. As we have become selfish the soul has changed. Putting their guilt on the heads of others. Some people think that reality has changed.

Best Urdu Love Poetry

You can not read the pain of my heart from my face. I always keep smiling at every little thing.

This is a nice love Urdu poetry of famous poet Wasi Shah. The poet is telling that he always tries to keep smiling on tiny things. So he can hide his pain from his face.

Urdu Poetry for Love

If he will not become mine, I will not die. Because this is love, not lust. I am here till the end of my life. What if he is not mine.

The poet is saying that if his beloved leaves him, he will not die. Because he has true love with her.

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Best Urdu Poetry for Love

Do not spread dirt in the world of love. The heart keeping peoples never even hate with enemies. So once I love someone, remain her till the end. As we people do not steal the belongings of others.

Ghazal in Urdu

Do not amend the story of our love. As you can break me, but do not divide me. So I will come back to tell you the story of love. You will understand my love, do not make me hopeless. Once you have to deny my love. Then whisper to me slowly, do not make my joke.

Eyes Love Poetry Urdu

I tell you the reason for crying or sleeplessness. So how much time can I give an allegation to a person?

The poet is conveying the situation from which he is passing. As he is crying every time in the memory of his beloved. Even he has not slept for many days. The list of allegations on his beloved is very long. So can not describe it at once. It a very nice verse of love poetry in Urdu.

Best Love Poetry in Urdu

I have erased her desire for always. As the person has no value of life, do not request for her in your prayers.

The poet in this poetry is telling that he has left the desire of his beloved. Even he is not asking for her in his prayers of routine life.

The Master Piece

Love Poetry Best

I wish you could understand the principles of love. So do not isolate anyone after becoming his soul.

The poet is wishing that if his beloved can understand the principles of love. That is why no one has the right to isolate anybody after becoming an important part of his life.

Gamgeen Shayari

Some day I will question your eyes. Who has to teach them to make place everyone’s heart.

Here the poet is admiring the eyes of his beloved. He is telling his lover that he will ask her eyes someday. Therefore her eyes make a place in everyone’s heart.

Udaas Shayari

Please do not free me from the world of your heart. I want to live there as a prisoner forever.

The poet is requesting his lover to not free him the world of her heart. Because he wants to live there as a prisoner forever.

Urdu Love Poetry

Aankh Shayari

She could not get a big lover once again. As this is a rush till the opening of her veil.

The above-mentioned love Urdu poetry for love has been written by great poet i.e Qateel Shafai. The poet is telling his beloved that she will not able to get a lover like him again. As the rush of people is just waiting till the uncover of her veil.

Gum Shyari Urdu

My tale was very short. The pain of mine was also unbeatable. As my life was that person. Who was the ability of every art? I am a book of sorrows. So Read me very carefully. Even he could not understand me. Who was a professional Psychologist?

In this love poetry in Urdu poet is describing his past. He has huge pain in his heart. The man who was his life had knowledge of every art. However he could not understand him, even he was a great psychologist.

Zabardast Shayari

The mention of her in your conversation. But I always mention you in my conversation. How awkward is our love? Neither you are mine nor she is yours.

Best Udaas Shayari

Nothing special it is just a story of love. Which ends with your thought at night. And starts with the first thought of every morning. As my nights and days are passing with your thoughts every and each time.

Gum Shayari Best

If you don’t remember, why should I complain. The Silence is also a trick to fullfil the love. It is not important if you are not remembering me. Because I will complete my side of love silently without any complain.

Udaas Shayri in Urdu

Every aspect of my life is connected to you. Never think yourself separate from me. Every and each of my life is attached to you. So never try to think that you are Separate from me.

Urdu Shayari on Image

By god, I have no Complain about your behavior. It may be that there is a lack of sincerity. However, I am happy with your rude attitude. Maybe it is because of some lacking from the side.

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Anmol shyari

I believe in oneness even in love. Made only one lover in whole life. Everyone should have a belief even in love. So make one lover and spend the whole life with her.

Anmol Poetry in Urdu

I write about life. The peoples are Separated who was once a life of mine. I am so painful that I can not write anything about life. Beloved peoples, whomever I consider my life have left me alone.

Uedu Shayari Husan

There is no work of beauty in true love. If you have eyes like Majnoon. Then the Laila looks beautiful.

Heer Ranjha Poetry

His style of conversation was unique and different. Nothing to ask and nothing to listen was his hobby. I spread myself in his love something like. That is nothing that has broken nothing in my hand.

Gum Shayari Barish

Why I like smoke-like weather. The winds of evenings breakup own me embrace me. I am still your even after ruin. Then you are mine even after the breakup. Why I trust it why I believe it.

Urdu Shayari Roshni

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Walk in the shadow of sorrow. If you can go with me then walk. We have to walk far far away. If you can burn like a candle then go with men. This verse has been taken from Habib Jalib’s Urdu poetry for love collection.