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The lovers of quotes found in every culture, race, and religion. Same as that lovers of life quotes in Urdu can found in India and Pakistan. As we know that quotes are the short form of word quotations.

Which means to copy someone’s statement or saying. We can say that quote is a kind of thing that is shifting from generation to generation.

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There are about 68 million Urdu speakers. Who isn’t mainly living in Pakistan, India, the Middle East, and some Western countries. However at present Pakistan is the center for the Urdu language. Although the Urdu literature was born in Dehli India.

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Although millions of Urdu speakers are living in foreign countries. But they are still connected with their culture and language. Thus they mostly demand for Urdu quotes about life. In Urdu literature, people are fond of Urdu Poetry Sad and Urdu quotes.

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As we have already told the demand for Urdu Quotes is rising. So keeping the choice of people today we are going to share the best Urdu quotes about life. We hope these quotes are unique and super famous. That is why after reading the theme you will feel more comfortable.

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Always think before spreading nails of other’s life. Because you only destroying his/her world. But you are also spoiling your eternal life.

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Those friends are more dangerous than enemies. Who deceive you in the shape of friendship.

Urdu Quotes Life

If you have money, foreigners will like a homeland. But if you are poor your own country will become a foreign country. Poverty makes a men stranger in their own city.

Your problems will go off. If you believe that every work is done by God. And everything God does always in favor of a man.

Best Urdu Quotes Life

How much we try to be a good man. However, in the end, we will be a villain in someone’s story.

If we trust and believe in humans. But we can not trust and believe in time and conditions. Because these are two things that change every relation. This is the best Urdu quotes about life.

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Those peoples always remain happy in their life. Who thanks God for his blessings. Rather than complaining about uncompleted desires.

It is a matter of love and care. Otherwise, friendship and enmity start with the same word in Urdu.

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It may be a hypocrite that took the game. However, success will be for fair peoples in the end.

Who have nothing to do. They spoil others’ life.

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When your good time comes. So many artificial relatives arrive. Who buried you in the grave.

The original loyal those are who remain loyal in your back. Otherwise, the dog also shakes his tail in front of his master.

Life Quotes in Urdu

Happiness can be angry with you. Otherwise, the sorrows have no right to show attitude.

Best Life Quotes in Urdu

The real taste of relations is insincerity. The artificial relation always brings hate and a bad name for you.

Life Quotes Urdu

There are so many artificial relatives are present around you. Who cut your roots while embracing you.

Urdu Quotes About Life

Someone asked me who is your in this world. I replied smiling “If your time is good everybody is your, otherwise no one”.

Best Urdu Quotes About Life

You can not find real relations until you experience a bad time. It means bad times are a test tubes for uncovering the mask.

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A hypocrite can be everything. But he can not be a reliable man. Another best Urdu quotes about life.

Best Urdu Life Quotes

Do not keep the hope of sympathy from anyone. People who want you from the heart will give you a wound with love.

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Today’s relatives are like those woods. Who gives you smoke from away and set you on fire fr near.

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As of now, we have posted famous Life quotes in Urdu. Now we going to post some best life quotes in Urdu.

Aqwal e Zareen

Even lie has a taste. If you speak a lie it will be sweet. If any other will speak it will be bitter.

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Do you know? That the language of interest is the sweetest language in the world. What if time is not faithful. Even cheaters are often friends.

Urdu Aqwal

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