Urdu Poetry

Just like other languages poetry, Urdu Poetry is very famous in the sub-continent. It is called Shayeri in the native language.
The history of Urdu Adab is as old as the Urdu language. As we all know that the Urdu language is a mixture of Hindi and Persian. Thus Urdu verses are found both in Hindi and Persian. That is why the Urdu poetry of Mirza Ghalib gives Persian flavors.
There are approximately 68 million speakers of the Urdu language in the world. Most of them live in Pakistan and India. In Pakistan, Urdu is the national language. Whereas in India there are four states who are giving Urdu as national language status.
Mirza Galib, Alama Iqbal, Ahmed Faraz Altaf Hussain Halli, Sagar Siddiqui are prominent Urdu poets. The best Urdu poetry of Alama Iqbal and Ahmed Faraz is very famous among the young generation.
After the rise of social media, people have direct access to Urdu Shayri. The figure is rising day by day. Whereas students get education regarding Urdu literature from an early stage. Thus they are very familiar with Urdu verses from a little age.
There are many varieties in Urdu literature, like Ghazal, Shair, Rubaee, and many others. People mostly like sad poetry in every language. Thus the fans of Urdu sad poetry also found here.
Urdu Ghazals are another form of poetry. Mehdi Hassan is a famous Pakistani classical singer who sang many popular Ghazals. Mostly he sang sad classical songs. People also search for Mehandi Design and Urdu quotes.