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Love Quotes in Urdu

Today we are going to share some incredible Love Urdu Quotes. That will be amazing addition in your quotes library. In this regard we picked some amazing quotes of famous personalities around the world.

Best Love Quotes in Urdu

As we have describe earlier that this the best collection of Urdu love quotes. Because this have been choosed from the shelf famous personalities of the world.

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Iqbal Love Urdu Quote

The above mention poetry-cum quote is a collection of Allama Iqbal. Who was famous Urdu poet of subcontinent, also known as the poet of the East. The author is describing the condition of people time, who covers the graves with super clothes. Whereas the alive peoples are roaming without clothes. Which is point of concern for respectful men.

Love Urdu Quote

The author of above mention quote is famous scientist i.e Graham Bail. The invention of telephone goes to his name. He is saying that once a door close for you, the other one door opens automatically. If we will be crying on close door, we could not be able to see the open door.

Love Urdu Quotes

This is not a actual sympathy that you only understand the pain of others. But you must try to remove their pain as soon as posible.

Love Quote for Urdu

The above quote is the creation of Bano Qudsia, who was wife of great writer Ashfaque Ahmed. She is telling that always hate the evil, but never hate the eviler. If you do so the same evil will take place inside you. Then all the doors of attention will be closed for you.

Love Quotes for Urdu

This is lesson able Urdu love quote for younger generation. The author is telling that the success meets you in the scielence. Whereas the failure slaps you in the crowd, it is a life.

Urdu Love Quote

Wisdom has nothing to do with white hairs. It comprises on intellect and experince. If your heart is black then there is no value of your white beard.

Urdu Love Quotes

If you want to strong your character. Then kill your wishes and egos. Sometimes we destroy our character, while choosing our socalled wishes.

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Ashfaq Ahmed Love Urdu Quote

The writer of above mention love urdu quote is Ashfaq Ahmed, who is a famous poet and writer. He is saying that there is no permanent relationship, happiness, sorrow, and passion. They also have a feet, seeing our attitude and behavior. Sometimes they comeback and sometimes go away from us.

Urdu Love Quote

Everyday peep inside yourself and search for the burning candle. No one set off your internal light.

Urdu Love Quotes

If you want to shine like a sun. Then you must burn like a sun before. The author of this quote is Dr Abdul Kalam, ex indian president and scientist.

Best Urdu Love Quote

An effort must be a meaningful. Which can bring ease in your life and death.

Best Urdu Love Quotes

We always wait for others and think that they must be a good man. Meanwhile we lose our own good time and opportunity to be a good man.

Abraham Lanqan Urdu Love Quote

The above mention Urdu love quote is the creation of Abraham LincIon. He was a 16th president of USA from 1861 to 1865. In this quote he is saying that you can make fool someone for sometime. Perhaps to some people for forever. But you can not make fool all peoples for all times.

Sadat Hussain Manto Quotes

Saadat Hussain Mintoo was Pakistani writer and author of many famous novels. He was born in Ludiyana India. In this quote he is saying that When life is not become compatible with your soul. Then We tie the soul with life unwitting.

Urdu Quote About Love

The Allah will not ask me about anyone on the judgement day. He will only inquire me about my own duties. So we should not keep eyes on other’s deeds.

Urdu Quotes About Love

If you want to disgust a complete generation from a good book. Then include that book in your syllabus. These are the lines of Mushtaq Ahmed Yousfi a famous Urdu Writer.

Famous Urdu Quotes for Love

Best Urdu Quote About love

Life and time can be a fastidious. But we must be a strong from both of them.

Best Urdu Quotes about Love

I always try to search two persons. One who gives in the name of Allah and become poor. The other one who become cruel to others and saves from Allah’s rope.

Famous Urdu Quote for Love

The battle of life fight alone. People only come to give you consolation. They will not help you anyway. In short meaning people tell you the address, they never give you the fare.

Famous Urdu Quotes for Love

Sometimes a man loose in reality. He gets tire keeping scielence, hopes, patience. In relationship thrive he feels loser of the time.

Dosti Love Urdu Quote

Always love and make friendship with those, who know to keep their words. Hate those who can forget easily. And angry with those who know convince.

Dosti Love Urdu Quotes

Sometimes we keep scielence even we are on the right side. It is not so that we are coward. But it is why we love relations more than our ego and argument.

Nice Love Urdu Quotes

You should have knowledge to criticize anyone. But ignorance is enough for criticism. So never indulge yourself in argument with those people. Who do not have any knowledge about topic. Always keep this amazing Urdu quote for love in your mind.

Nice Love Urdu Quote

Those nations are unlucky in the world. Which have the peoples who never serve for the nation. But they pull legs of others who are voulnteer to serve for the nation.

Nice Urdu Love Quotes

Humans take birth in every home. But humanity take birth somewhere in the world.

Islamic Love Urdu Quotes

Get the education it necessary. But get something from education it is essential.

Amazing Love Quote in Urdu

Wrong statement is crime from both religious and ethics point of view. These are the words of Tipu Sultan. Who was the muslim ruler of Mayosre India in late 18th century.

Amazing Urdu Quotes for Love

The author of above golden lines is Robert Luis. He is saying that do not think that what have you gain today. But you think that what you harvest today.

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Shaikh Saadi Love Urdu Quote

Do not believe on prayers without completing your part of work. Not praying And believing on your hard word work is a proud. These are the lines of famous persian prose writer i.e Shaikh Saadi. It is nice addition in your love Urdu quotes.

Amazing Urdu Quotes about Love

Only those people get ease after difficulty. Who keep patience in the hard time.

Aansoo Love Urdu Quote

There is no guilt in crying with wet eyes. The tear eyes are the symbol of kind heart. The hearts should have kind. If the hearts get hard like stone. If the heart will be hard, then the seed of love have no place. Then the love empty hearts man loose his direction.

Charli Chaplin Urdu Quotes about Love

If you are happy then laugh slowly. So the sorrow can not awake. If you are sad then weep slowly. So the upcoming happiness could not go back.

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