Urdu Quotes

Quotes are the saying and experience of great leaders and persons. Thus quotes are a matter of source of inspiration for anyone. Like others Urdu quotes are very familiar in the subcontinent.
Especially the quotes of Hazrat Ali in urdu language are popular among Pakistani peoples. Thus these quotes gets huge sharing on social media platforms.
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Thus channels, pages and profiles regarding Urdu quotes are floarshing very well. The subscriber and followers of these pages are increasing many folds.
There are around 68 million Urdu speaking peoples in the world. Mainly living in Pakistan, India, middle East and some western countries. Thus Urdu language have huage demand around the world.
Keeping the demand of people we have decided to make platform. Where people can read best quotes in their native language i.e Urdu. We will try our best to give ever best experience for searching about quotes. We hope you will like our effort.
In any language, people are very fond of quotes. Same as in Urdu people are fond of quotes. Urdu is a widely spoken language in the subcontinent thus there is a huge demand for Urdu Poetry, and Mehandi designs.