Mehandi Design

History of Mehandi

Mehandi is a kind of powder, made from the leaves of Henna. The main production areas of Mehndi are in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Nepal. Whereas, the consumers of Mehandi design are found all over the world.

However, the customers of Mehndi are mainly comes from above mention countries. Whereas, in middle East and some African countries also have a good users of Mehandi. The Mehandi mainly used for body decoration. It is also used for medicine & hair dye purpose in some parts of the world. Whereas, some people use for cooling purpose, as it has good natural cooling elements.

All About Mehandi Design

Mehandi design is a form of body art. Which made with the paste of Mehandi. It is called Henna Tattoo in the western world. However, we can also name it as Mehandi Tattoos.

The main uses of Mehndi design in subcontinent is subject to special occasions like, wedding functions, Eid, Holly & other religious festivals etc.

Mehandi designs are very famous among girls & women in India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. Howevers, some boys and men are also fond of Mehndi design.

Art of Perfection

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Henna or Mehndi is a form of art and an expression of happiness in a lot of regions and cultures around the world. So when it comes to celebrations or any occasion, be it marriage, birthdays, religious festivals or any festivity, women rely on Mehandi designs to make it special. 

Mehandi is the most unique way of adorning oneself and it is incredible how much margin there is for showcasing one’s creativity and designs. There are numerous ways of putting on Mehandi and let’s have a look over some of the popular designs.

Therefore the most commonly spoting Mehndi ke designs are for hands. Mehndi design for hands are less fussy, and are easier to protect from smudging. However, foot Mehndi design, arm mehandi design are also famous among girls.

Types of Mehandi Designs

There are hundreds of Mehndi designs famous in the world. However, some of them are very famous and demand able. Today we will discuss some popular mehandi designs of the world.

1. Simple Mehndi Design

As it is clear from it’s topic, these very simple mehndi designs. These designs has no specific shape or figure. These can be in form of dots, lines, leaves or anything else. Those designs has equal demand all over the world.

The main purpose of these designs is to facilitate new mehndi designers all over the world. You can also create your own simple mehendi designs if you have some how know of Mehandi designs. If you want to become a mehndi designer, then you can tons of new designs across the net. And start your designer journey today.

2. Fingers Mehandi Design

Mehndi design are un complete without finger designs. Thus some people demands only for finger designs. Keeping this special point in mind we have placed some amazing designs only for fingers. These designs are the collection of clean, simple and unique designs.

The speciality of these designs is the simplicity. So you can attempt these designs yourself at home. However, you can also seek the help of any professional Mehandi designer for perfect look. But we recommend you to try these designs yourself.

Some people give priority to finger designs. Because these are easy & simple to implement. Even little girls can draw these design easily. So if you are planning to be a Mehndi designer. We recommend you to start your journey from finger designs. We hope this trick will work best for you.

3. Arabic Mehandi Design

Arabic designs are very familiar in subcontinent. These designs mostly draw on back hand. However some people prefer to make these designs on front hand. Mostly people say that Arabic designs are came from Arab countries. Like Saudi Arabia, UAE & other middle east states. Whereas the truth is opposite. Although these are called Arabic designs. But these designs are the creation of Indian peoples.

4. Indian Mehndi Designs

Indian mehandi designs are very famous in India & Pakistan. Also some other parts of the world. There’s fuller and thinner lines with loads of detail. Indians put in more detail as they’ve been doing this longer. Whereas, the peacock motif is an Indian specialty.

The demand of Indian mehandi designs raises during the years. Specially during the Holly and Dewali festivals this designs become the first choice for women. There is a huge list of varieties in Indian Mehndi designs. It depends on your mood and demand to choose which design.

5. Foot Mehandi Design

There is a huge demand of foot mehandi designs. On wedding occasions girls prefer to have foot design as well along with hand designs. These designs give amazing and new look to feet. Even ugly feet can be decorated with these amazing designs.

However it is better if you have clean & white feet. You can also use contrast color scheme for foot mehndi design. Like if you have wheatish feet you can use black design. And if you have white feet you can use dark red color. However, you can leave it on your Mehandi designer choice as per situation.

6. Pakistani Design

Pakistani Mehndi designs have also good place among the all designs. Theses mainly comprises on leaves. However, peacock mehandi designs are also variety of Pakistani designs. Whereas some designs are very good mixture of Arabic & Indian mehndi designs.


Today we have discussed some important types of Mehandi designs. However, it is only 5 percent of the topic. Whereas lot of work still have to do in this regard. Because many colors and varieties are involved in this single topic. But we sure you, we will continue our efforts to improve this amazing article in future.