Sad Poetry in Urdu

Sad Poetry in Urdu

Urdu Poetry and Urdu Quotes has great value in Urdu literature. Whereas sad poetry in Urdu covers a big part in poetry. Same like Urdu quotes about life.

Best Sad Poetry in Urdu

Many Urdu poets have done great work in this regard. Keeping the demand of people in mind. So we are placing here the best sad Urdu Poetry of famous Urdu poets here. We hope you will enjoy it till the end.

Sad Urdu Ghazal

Sad Urdu Poetry Part-I

In this part, you will read the best Urdu poetry sad collection of famous poets.

Sad Urdu Poetry

The lines mentioned above are a collection of Parveen Shakir. Who was a famous Urdu poet of Pakistan. She born in Karachi in 1952 and died in Islamabad. She was not only a poet but also a teacher a government employee of Pakistan. The meaning of the above lines is as under:-

Best Sad Urdu Poetry

“You are nothing to me. However why I want to see my heart beating for you”. “Is life a shrine of the poor. Where every time stich of sorrows fixed”

The above mention Urdu Poetry collection is the creation of famous Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Faiz was born at Norowal in 1911. He was a revolutionary poet. His career ends with his death in 1984.

Best Urdu Ghazal

“If you have a desire for heart ache. Then serve the poor. You can not find this diamond in kings treasure”

Who is not familiar with the name of Allama Iqbal. He is also known as the Poet of East. His Urdu poetry has great lessons. Today we have picked his one of sad Urdu poetry verse. The meaning of the verse is as follows:-

“You had no value of my pain. May lap finds tears as home”

Ghazal In Urdu

Ahmed Faraz is a prominent Urdu poet hails from Kohat Faraz who began his poetry career during his college life with the Tanha Tanha gazal collection. Love and beauty were the main themes of his poetry. The verse is mainly telling about:-

Nasir Kazmi Poetry

Urdu Poetry Sad

“There is smoke in the scene. Nature is feeling gloomy. A less talkative sight looking sorrowful”

Syed Nasir Raza Kazmi famous as Nasir Kazmi was a famous Urdu Poet and Author. He was born in Ambala India in 1925.

Best Urdu Poetry Sad

After the creation of Pakistan, he migrated to Lahore Pakistan. Here he works for Radio Pakistan for many years. His work mainly revolves around Urdu poetry’s sad collection. Here is the summary of the above mention verse.

Cool Urdu Poetry

“They stand me up from the party in my life. Let see who picks me when I have died”

Mirza Ashad Ullah Baig alias Mirza Ghalib born in Dehli India in the 18th century. If we say is an ancient Urdu writer it will true. The poetry of Ghalib covers each aspect of society. Here is the translation of Ghalib’s sad Urdu poetry.

Poetry in Urdu

“I am afraid that the morning of destiny could be robbed. The caravan of lights is under threat from darkness”

Habib Jalib was born at Hosyarpur, India in 1928. He was a big revolutionary poet of his time. Jalib was a progressive writer and soon started to grab the audience with his enthusiastic recitation of poetry.

Urdu Poetry Gum

He writes mainly in plain language, adopted a simple style, and addressed common people and issues. Here is the meaning of his Urdu Poetry.

In this part, we have placed some beautiful Urdu Poetry sad collection of some top listed poets. Like Allama Iqbal, Parveen Shakir, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Ahmed Faraz, etc.

Gamgeen Urdu Poetry

In above mention stanzas the poets are trying to convey their heart feelings. Every poet is showing his sadness their own way.

Urdu Poetry Part-II

Here we are placing some other nice collection of sad Urdu poetry. We have carefully chosen every and each famous verse. So you can taste every flavor of the Urdu poetry collection.

Sad Poetry Gamgeen

“Alas, we could not die even cutting our own throat. All the night my hands praying for you”

Everybody is busy in their own helplessness. Nobody is faithful in this world.

Urdu Poetry on images

We have deep condolence on the death of Mir. You made your heart like a rock. He went from the world.

The above mentioned sad Urdu poetry is the collection of famous poets. Like, Dagh, Mir, Dard and others.

Urdu Poetry in Urdu

The above mention sad poetry in Urdu has been taken from Amjad Islam. Amjad Islam is not only a poet but also is very good Urdu drama writer. His work for Pakistan Television is remarkable. Translation of above-mentioned lines is as under:-

Mohsin Naqvi Sad Shayari

Eyes set off all dreams. faces loses own patterns. No one knows the pain of separation. We burn in your memory

Mix Urdu Sad Poetry

Earlier we have shared some best Urdu sad poetry of famous poets. Now in this portion, we are going to share some famous poetry of average poets.

Shayari in Urdu

Although these poets are no famous as the previous ones. However their Urdu poetry sad collection has immense ratings.

Sad Shayari in Urdu

Even we do not know the names of above many poets. Who writes the above mention poetry. But the quality work of those unknown poets is shining from the far.

Finle Words

We have tried to give you some best Urdu-poetry poetry sad collection. We hope you have really enjoyed it. However, if you have any suggestions you contact us at any time.