Sad Urdu Quotes

Sad Urdu Quotes

It is a very good idea to read sad Urdu quotes in your leisure time. It not only boost your mind but also relax your soul. But finding quality quotes is a quite difficult task. To solve your tension we are placing here some quality sad quotes in Urdu.

Sad Urdu Quote

We hope you will get immense pleasure while reading these quotes. And in the end, you will definitely like our effort. But we will advise you to must give proper attention to this article. So you can understand each word in a true manner.

Best Sad Urdu Quotes

After reading these sad Urdu quotes, you will feel the good change from your inner side. But reading these quotes for yourself is not enough. You must apply these quotes in your daily life. So you can get more benefit from it.

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Urdu Quotes Sad

Not only this but you should also share this treasure with dears and nears. Social media platforms are very good platforms for this job. You can send your message to many peoples in just one click. Just imagine how many people will get benefit from your share.

Best Urdu Quotes Sad

We just assume that not so much but only 500 people read this article with your share. Out of them, only 10% apply these sad quotes in Urdu in their lives. It means 50 people will change their life with your little effort.

Importance of Sad Quotes in Urdu

Urdu Sad Quotes

Do you know that there is 250 million regular Urdu reader who uses social media on regular basis? Many of them want to change their lives and become a good human being. You can become a source to change the lives of those peoples. Who have lost their way and away from the right destination?

Urdu Sad Quote

These online readers remain in search of good content. So if you add your effort in this social work. Then we will be to send these amazing motivational quotes to many people. In this way, you will put your effort into this Sadqa-e-Jareha work.

Best Urdu Sad Quotes

As we know that famous Urdu writers like Wasif Ali Wasif, Ashfaq Ahmed, and Bano Qudsia did great work in this regard. They have tried their best to motivate people with amazing quotes. Many people are correcting themselves, with help of those writer’s content.

Sad Urdu Quotes Life

The great writer of Urdu literature i.e Ashfaq Ahmed started a TV program namely Zavia in the late 90s. The program goes on air on PTV at that time. This program inspired many people in many ways. The program broke many records on the national level.

Islamic Urdu Quotes Sad

Seeing the popularity graph of the program. Ashfaq Ahmed decides to publish the copy of the program in book shape. The first book of the Zavia series arrives in the market in 2000. The book sold like hotcakes and became the best selling book of the time.

Quotes Urdu Sad

After the success of the first book. Ashfaq Ahmed and his team decided to publish another book of the series. Thus Zavia 2 and Zavia 3 were published subsequently. Both the books maintained the market value of the previous book. These books added many new Urdu readers to the market.

What Zavia Says

Ashfaq Ahmed Sad Urdu Quotes

The main focus of the Zavia series revolves around spirituality. After reading the complete series of Zavia i.e 3 books. You will feel a huge change in yourself. Then you will be able to listen to your internal voice. You will try to something good in society.

Quote Urdu Sad

The main message of the Zavia is to serve humanity. Live for others, give in the way of Allah. Spread easiness for others & do little deeds. Many little things have been told us which we can easily do with minor effort.

Sad Quotes in Urdu

If you are planning to read a good book in the future. We highly recommend you must read the Zavia series. This will change your complete way of life. Because there is a good amount of sad Urdu quotes in this series.

Sad Quote in Urdu

Which will help you to do good things for others and become a good person in society. If you change yourself, definitely it will ease your life. Then of course this will also affect your personal and family life.

Best Sad Quotes in Urdu

If you read the number one book of the world i.e the Holy Quran with translation. Then count the first 100 orders of the almighty Allah. You will see that 90% of orders Allah gives us for the welfare of human beings. And only 10% of orders Allah give for himself.

Hazrat Ali Urdu Quotes Sad

The famous writers of Urdu literature like Ashfaq Ahmed. Tries to remind us of these orders in sad quotes in Urdu. So we can transform our life according to Quran and Sunnah. In the beginning, it looks quite difficult. However with the passage of time we able to get the right direction.

Change Your Life

Mirza Ghalib Urdu Quotes Sad

Sometimes we wait for a good time. We think when we will become rich. Then we will start a charity. This is bad practice, we should not wait for tomorrow. Because there is no guarantee that we will be alive or not tomorrow.

Urdu Quote Sad

So start your charity journey from today. Allah has created a very nice formula. If you spend one penny in the way of Allah. Then he will give you 10 times more than your charity. It is a very nice formula to become rich.

Best Sad Quote Urdu

If you pick the list of richest people in the world. You will see that many of the themes are donner. Even Bill Gates alone has donated 90% of his wealth. As he is implementing the formula of Allah in his life. So he is getting rich day by day.

Amazing Sad Urdu Quotes

The main purpose of this huge practice is to transform your life. Using nice quality sad quotes in Urdu. So you can become a healthy member the society. And a true Muslim and human being as well. Thus read it carefully & apply it to your life.

Conclusion of Sad Urdu Quotes

After reading all these Sad Quotes in Urdu. We hope you have learned something thing good today. But if you apply this in a true manner in your daily life, you will get in the right direction. If you like our effort please share this article on social media like Facebook and Twitter. So many people can benefit from it.