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Funeral Prayer (Salatul Janazah) | Complete Guide for Namaz e Janaza

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Funeral Prayer-Salatul Janazah- Namaz e Janaza

This is a complete guide on how to perform funeral prayer (Salatul Janazah). It will give you the step by step procedure of Namaz e Janaza. Therefore, this guide is summarized for easy understanding.

What matters?

This guide is also simplified with rumi transliteration to help those; who have difficulty reading Arabic writing.

What is the order of funeral prayer in Islam?

According to the consensus of scholars, funeral prayers on non -martyred corpses are fardu kifayah. That is, for people who are still alive in the area.

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If there is a party who has done it, even one, then the obligation on others is waived.

It is circumcision performed in congregation, but also valid when performed alone.

Rasulullah SAW once instructed his companions to pray for the body when there is death.

Berkata Salamah bin Al-Akwa’ RA said 

“At one time we were sitting next to the Prophet SAW, then the corpse was brought. He said: Pray for your friend “

(Sahee Bukhari)

Funeral prayer are performed by the living on the deceased to lighten his sins burden.

This is because Namaz e Janaza contains many prayers that all return for the good of the deceased.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon those who perform the funeral prayer with sincerity, full devotion and hope for Allah SWT’s forgiveness for the deceased. This is the greatest purpose of prayer that we can do.

Pillars (Rukun) of Funeral Prayer

There are seven pillars in this prayer that are as fol:-

  • Niat (intention)
  • Stand up straight Salat al Janazah are performed standing only. There is no Rukoo and Sajda. There is no azan and iqamah before starting the prayer.
  • Takbir four times including takbiratulihram.
  • Recite Sana & al-Fatihah after the first takbir
  • Durood on the Prophet SAW after the second takbir.
  • Pray for the corpse after the third takbir.
  • Give greetings after the fourth takbir.

Niat (Intention)  

The words of intention for the funeral prayers for men and women are as follows:

Intention of Male Funeral Prayers

The intention of the male corpse prayer is as under:-


Usolli ‘Ala Haza al-Mayyiti Arba’a Takbiratin Fardol Kifayati Makmuman Lillahi Taala 


Only when I prayed over the corpse of this man four times takbir fardu kifayah because of Allah Taala.

Intention of Female Funeral Prayer


Usolli ‘Ala Hazihil-Mayyitati Arba’a Takbiratin Fardol Kifayati Makmuman Lillahi Taala 


Only when I prayed over the corpse of this woman four times takbir fardu kifayah because of Allah Taala.

The method of funeral prayers

The method of funeral prayers is NOT the same as other prayers.

Keep in mind that this prayer is no Rukoo and Sajda. It is done standing alone from beginning to end.

Steps Funeral Prayer is as follows:

Stand up straight and do Niat

Stand up straight and comfortable. The eyes looked towards the place of Sajda.

While lifting the takbir, recite the intention of the prayer in the heart simultaneously.

If you find it difficult to intention simultaneously with takbir, you can intention first immediately before takbiratul ihram.

Intentions can be expressed in Arabic or your own language.

1st Takbir

After lifting the takbiratul ihram, place your hands on your stomach. Then read Sana and surah al-Fatihah.


Subhana kalla humma, wabe hamdeka, wata baara kasmoka, wata aalaa jaddoka, wa jalla sanaoka, wala ilaha gairoka. 


Glory be to You Oh Allah, and praise be to You, and blessed is Your name, and exalted is Your Majesty, and there is none to be served besides You.



Al Hamdu Lillāhi Rabbil-‘Ālamīn. Ar-Raḥmānir-Raḥīm. Māliki Yaumid-Dīn. Iyyāka Na’Budu Wa Iyyāka Nasta’Īn. Ihdinaṣ-āṭirāṭal-Mustaqīm. Shiirāṭallażīna An’Amta ‘Alaihim, Gairil-Magḍūbi’ Alaihim Wa Laḍ-Ḍāllīn.

Second Takbir

Lifit second Takbir without raising hands. Then recite Durood over Rasulullah SAW. The best Darood that can be recited is the Durood e Ibraheemi.


Allah humma salli ‘ala muhammadin wa’ala ali muhammadin, kama sal’layta ‘ala ibraheema wa’ala ali ibraheema innaka hameedum majeed. Allah humma baraka ‘ala muhammadin wa’ala ali muhammadin, kama barak ta ‘ala ibraheema wa ‘ala ali ibraheema innaka hameedum majeed

Third Takbir

Lift the Third Takbir & Read the Funeral Prayer Dua for the body.

Funeral Prayer Dua


Allahummagh-fir lihayyina wamayyitina washahidina, wagha-ibina, wasagheerina wakabeerina, wathakarina wa-oong-saana. Allahumma man ahyaytahu minna fa-ahyihi alal-islam, waman tawaffaytahu minna fatawaffahu alal-eeman, allahumma la tahrimna ajrah, wala tudillana ba’dah

Fourth Takbir

After reading the Salatul Janazah Dua, then do the fourth takbir and finish the funeral prayer by Salam.


As-salam-u-alay-koom wa rahmatullah


May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you

Circumcision Matters in Funeral Prayers

Here are some things about circumcision when performing the funeral prayer:

  • Raise both hands while takbir.
  • Stand in three rows or more, as was done by the Prophet SAW when praying for king al-Najasyi.
  • Saying “Amen” after reciting surah al-Fatihah
  • Tahmid before Darood on the Prophet SAW.
  • Prayers for Muslim men and women after Durood over the Prophet.
  • Circumcision establishes the funeral prayer in congregation, but it can be performed alone.

Closing Word

This is the whole procedure for Funeral Prayer or Namaz e Janaza. Hope you have understand this well. However, if you have any kind of question or quarry. Then you can ask us via email or our official Facebook page. Share this info with other Muslims on social media.

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