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Safar Ki Dua | Subhan Al Lazi Sakhara Lana

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Safar Ki Dua

One of the basic needs of a human being besides eating, drinking, and resting is to move or travel. This is inseparable from the nature of humans as social beings who need interaction with other people. Thus we are placing Safar Ki Dua for you. So you can start your journey with the name of Allah SWT.

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Safar Ki Dua for Traveling by Vehicle

The first Safar Ki Dua is the prayer when traveling by vehicle. This is regardless of you traveling with a vehicle as a driver even as a passenger. The following is a prayer when traveling by vehicle:

subhan al lazi sakhara lana

“Subhaanal ladzii sakhkhara lanaa haadzaa, wamaa kunnaa lahuu muqriniina wa innaa ilaa rabbinaa lamunqalibuun”.

This Dua is taken from QS Az-Zukhruf 13-14. which means: Glory be to God who has subjected all of this to us when we were not able to control it, and indeed we will return to our Lord.

By saying this Safar Ki Dua, it means that you are grateful to be able to travel with this vehicle.

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As one of the prayers of travel, the prayer of traveling by vehicle is very important because everyone certainly travels long distances by vehicle today.

Safar Ki Dua for a Long Journey

The next traveling prayer is the long journey prayer. Here’s a Safar Ki Dua for long journeys:

Journey ki Dua

“Allahumma inna nasaluka fi safarina hazal birra wat taqwa waminal amali maatarda Allahumma haw-win alaina  safarana haza watwi anna bodahu Allahumma amntas sahibu fis safari wal khalifatu fil ahli Allahumma inni aoozubika min wa-sa-issafari wa kabatil manzari wa su-il munqalabi fil mali wal ahl.”

Meaning: “O Allah, make it easy for us to travel, and make the distance closer. O Allah, who accompanies you on your journey, and You also protect our family.”

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By reciting this long Safar Ki Dua, Allah SWT will always protect you and your family on your journey. Don’t forget to make careful preparations before the trip. Because all you can do is try and prepare as best you can. What will happen in the future only Allah SWT knows.

Dua for Entering a Traitory 

In addition to the Safar Ki Dua, another prayer that you need to memorize when you are about to travel is the prayer of entering an area. If you are passing through an area that is sepia or dark. And you are worried about the safety of you and your family. Then you can recite a prayer as narrated in this hadith:

O Allah, Lord of the seven heavens and what they cover. Lord of the seven layers of the earth and what is in them. Lord of the devils and what they lead astray and Lord of the winds and what they breathe. I ask You for the good of this area. The good of its inhabitants, and the good that comes from it. I seek refuge in You from the evil of this area, the evil of its inhabitants and the evil that is in it.” (HR. Hakim, Ibn Hikam and Baihaqi; Sahih).


One of the activities of humans is traveling with their respective goals, some are traveling short distances, some are traveling long distances such as out of town to abroad.

Traveling is never separated from human activities. Almost everyone even does it every day. Whether it is a short distance by walking or a long distance using a vehicle. In Islam all human activities are recommended to always pray by mentioning the name of Allah or holy sentences that contain extraordinary virtues.

Unfortunately, there are still many of us who underestimate the power of Safar Ki Dua for safety on our journey. Not a few people who have prepared very well, but on the way they often experience various problems. Therefore, memorizing Safar Ki Dua is an important thing to protect yourself from all possible bad things that are dangerous.

By reciting one of these Safar Ki Dua, you have surrendered yourself to Allah SWT to always protect you during your journey, especially when entering an area that makes you anxious.

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