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How to Remove Unwanted Object from Photo with AI

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Have you had a photo ruined by a messy background or a photobomber? Well, don’t scrap that image yet because we got you covered. Thankfully, artificial intelligence makes it easier than ever to remove the object from a photo, enabling you to take truly awesome pictures. With that in mind, the best tool we can recommend is insMind.

InsMind’s Magic Eraser, removing unwanted items is as easy as it can be and you won’t have to worry about throwing pictures in the trash again just because of some unwanted objects.

The Best Tool to Remove Object from Photo Free Online – insMind

Meet insMind, the all-in-one photo editor that unleashes the user’s inner artist and transforms ordinary photos into stunning images. Its intuitive interface and powerful tools make insMind a perfect fit for photographers, designers and anyone who appreciates graphics.

One of insMind’s standout features is its Magic Eraser, an artificial intelligence-powered tool that can erase objects from photos with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you want to remove distracting elements, unwanted imperfections or objects, the Magic Eraser will do the trick in a few clicks.

Unlike traditional photo editing software where you often have to select and mask objects to make your photos manually editable, the Magic Eraser uses AI to recognize and delete objects automatically. This saves you effort and time and also produces a natural-looking picture without sacrificing the majority of the image. This means that if for example, a random person appeared behind a picture of you and your partner, you can remove unwanted object from photo by using insMind and make that image even more valuable.

This is also true for other things such as trees, clouds, and even materials on a table. insMind makes it seamless as if it wasn’t there in the first place. The best thing about this is that insMind is completely free and the entire process is done in a matter of seconds. You don’t need to have knowledge of photo manipulation or know how to use software like Photoshop – the tool does the work for you.

But insMind can do much more than just remove objects. This multifunctional platform comes with background removal, photo enhancement, image expansion, and more–everything you need for photo editing.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Remove Unwanted Object from Photo

Experience the magic of insMind’s Magic Eraser and erase unwanted object  from photos effortlessly with these few simple steps:

Step 1: 

The first step that you will do is to open the insMind Magic Eraser page.You can sign up for an account so you don’t lose your edits, but if you already have one you can start by logging in.

Step 2: 

Choose a picture you wish to edit then click “Upload a photo”. Another option you could use is to simply drag and drop the image to the designated area.

Step 3: 

After uploading an image, mark the object or area you want to delete with your mouse or touchpad. The Magic Eraser will detect the object and highlight it for removal. You can also manually adjust the selection by adjusting the size of the brush and painting over desired spots. With insMind, you don’t need to be super accurate. Just make sure the entirety of the object you want to remove has been highlighted.

Step 4: Remove object from photo

After you have selected the object you wish to remove, click the remove button and the AI algorithm is going to do the rest. Within seconds, the object of your choice will be removed, and the rest filled in to appear natural. 

Step 5: 

You may end at Step 4 but why stop when you can do more with insMind? At this point, you can customize your photo using other insMind features such as adding text, using templates, creating photo collages, and more. Customize the image further based on your liking.

Step 6:

If you are satisfied with how your edit turned out, click “Download” to save your modified image in its desired format. You can also select the desired quality of the photo you want to download.

With InsMind’s Magic Eraser, getting rid of distracting items or people has never been so accessible and easy. So get rid tedious manual editing and let AI do the hard work of creating visuals that truly reflect your memories.

What Else You Can Do After Removing Objects from Photo? 

insMind is a full-featured photo editing software suite that includes more than just object removal. insMind opens a world of possibilities for your visual content. Backgrounds can be easily removed or replaced to produce professional product shots or art pieces with its AI Background Remover tool. You can also use it to upscale, sharpen, and enhance your photos, uncovering hidden details and rich hues with its AI Image Enhancer. 

Did you think it’s over? There’s more! You also have the choice to expand the canvas of your photographs, transforming standard shots into panoramic or wide-angle masterpieces with its AI Image Expander. In addition, insMind provides you with a comprehensive editing suite of staples such as crop, resize, text, and filter options, plus a whole host of other adjustments to perfect your images. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make insMind a powerful tool to simplify your workflow and bring your images to life. It’s the best AI tool suite in the market and truly embodies the word “versatility”.


In today’s digital world, where people revolve around good photos and influence to sell yourself and products, cutting out distracting elements is a valuable skill. This task has never been easier or more accessible thanks to insMind’s Magic Eraser. The remove objects from photo AI technology is a game-changer.

Elevate your photos today and try insMind’s Magic Erase to remove object from photo free online. To reach further heights in your editing game, you can also upgrade to an insMind Pro subscription which allows you to download unlimited images and try insMind’s even more advanced and exclusive features.

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