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Tayammum: The Alternative of Ablution

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Tayammum The Alternative of Ablution

Have you ever done Tayammum activities instead of ablution? Before praying, Muslims are required to purify themselves by performing ablution. However, if we are sick or traveling long distances and have difficulty getting water. Then the substitute for Wudu is Tayamum. 

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Tayamum is an activity of purifying oneself from small hadas or big hadas with sand and dust. To do it, a Muslim needs to know the complete tayammum procedures that should be correct and in accordance with Islamic Sharia

Immediately see the conditions, intention, prayers and correct tayammum procedures below, come on !

Conditions for Tayammum

The following are the conditions of tayamum that must be known by a Muslim:

1. Difficult to find water

Tayammum needs to be fulfilled if there is no water in the vicinity

2. Using holy dust

The dust used during tayamum must be pure, i.e dust that used does not contain najis. In addition, dust mixed with lime or other objects should not be used.

3. Procedure for Tayammum

A Muslim who wants to do tayammum needs to know how to do tayammum correctly according to Islamic law.

4. Tayammam is done in prayer time

When it is time for prayer and there is no water, it is permissible for a Muslim to perform tayamum in lieu of ablution.

5. Knowing the direction of Qibla

Before doing tayamum, for Muslims who travel far (travelers) should know the direction of Qibla in the area they occupy.

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Tayammum Procedure

The explanation of the tayammem procedure is as follows:

1. Prepare a clean dust

Use dust that is on walls, glass, or other places that feel clean.

2. Facing the Qibla

It is sunnah to face the Qiblah. Then place both palms on the dust, with the fingers of both palms together.

3. Niat

While the hand is still placed on the wall or dust, say the basmalah and the following Niat:

Nawaytu tayammuma li istibaakhati sholati lillahi ta’ala.”

Meaning: “I intend to do tayammum so that it is permissible to pray for the sake of Allah.”

Wipe both palms all over the face

In contrast to ablution, in tayamum it is not required to rub dust on the parts under the hair or facial hair. The recommended thing is to try to evenly distribute the dust on all parts of the face

Palms touch the dust

Next to the hands, put your palms back on the dust. This time the fingers are spread apart, then raise both palms with the position of the right palm on top of the left hand.

The palms touch the arms up to the elbows

Close the fingers, and try not to get the tip of the right finger out of the index finger of the left, or vice versa. The palm of the left hand rubs the right arm up to the elbow. Then, the right hand is rotated to be rubbed with the other right arm. Next, the palm of the hand rubs from the elbow until the left thumb is reunited with the right thumb. Perform these steps on the left hand.

7. Rubbing both palms

Bring your palms together and rub them between your fingers. 

8. Reading a Dua for purification

After tayammum, it is also recommended by some scholars to read a purification prayer, such as the following prayer :

I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with whom there is no partner. I bear witness that Muhammad SAW is His and true messenger. Oh God, make me a repentant person, make me a pure person. And make me a pious servant of yours. Blessed are You, O God. By Your kindness, I testify that there is no god but You. And with Your kindness, I ask for forgiveness and repent to You.


These are the conditions, intention, prayers and correct tayammum procedure complete with their meanings . So, there ‘s no longer any reason not to pray if you have trouble finding water. Hope this guide will help you.

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