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Iddah Period (Iddat) for Divorce Khula and Death

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Iddah Period

In Islam , the iddah is a waiting period for a woman. Whose husband has died, or he has divorced her, or she has taken Khula. During the iddat period the woman can not marry to any other man. However, she can marry to any man after completion of iddat period.

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Iddah itself is taken from Arabic which means waiting time. This waiting period does not allow women to remarry after being legally or religiously separated from their husbands.

Iddah period

Every woman has a different period of iddat according to their respective conditions. So it cannot be generalized between one woman and another because it depends on the conditions and the situation. This woman’s iddah is obligatory, right. The Iddat periods include:-

  • The period of iddat for a pregnant woman is until she gives birth.
  • The iddat period for women who are not pregnant and their husband has died is 4 months and 10 days.
  • The iddah for women who are still experiencing menstrual cycles, then the period is 3 times the menstrual cycle.
  • The Iddat for women who are still small or menopause is 3 months. 
  • The iddat time for women who have never had sex with their ex-husband does not have an iddat .
  • The iddat for women who experience istihadhah (a period in which blood comes out outside the menstrual cycle due to an illness. The characteristic of fresh red blood is different from menstrual blood) is 3 menstrual periods.
  • The period of iddah for women who have been divorced three times is one period.
  • The period of iddah for women who get Khulla is one period.
  • The period of iddah for a woman who is divorced one and two is the same as that of her husband, which is 4 months and 10 days.

What is the purpose of iddah?

Every stipulation and rule must have a lesson or lessons. The iddat period is required so that in the future there will be no doubtful things. For example, if there is no iddah period. A woman who has just divorced her husband and then in a matter of weeks remarries. Then one month later has a child, the child who will be born can be a dispute over who the father is. 

In addition, there are many benefits of a woman’s iddah period . Namely providing an opportunity for husbands and wives who want to divorce if they want to reconcile. In addition, the iddah period is there to find out if there is a pregnancy or not and as a way to appreciate the previous husband and wife relationship by providing a waiting period before starting a new relationship.

Finle Words

This is the article about Iddah period. Hope you have learn it very well.

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