5 Marriage Laws in Islam You Need to Know

Marriage Laws in Islam

Come on first understand the 5 marriage laws in Islam before stepping into marriage.

Marriage is a worship that is highly recommended in Islam. In fact, Rasulullah SAW said that marriage is one of the efforts to perfect religion. For this reason, marriage should not be done haphazardly because this is the longest form of worship and should be preserved until death.

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Although it is recommended, the law of marriage can change according to the conditions. Under certain conditions, the law of marriage can be obligatory, sunnah, Makruh, permissible, and unlawful. The following is a complete explanation of the law of marriage in Islam that you need to know.


Marriage can become obligatory if a person already has the ability to marry, both physically and financially. And it is difficult for him to avoid adultery. The person is obliged to marry because it is feared that if he does not. Then he can commit adultery which is prohibited in Islam.


The legal basis of marriage becomes sunnah if a person is able and ready to build a household. But he can refrain from all actions that plunge him into adultery. However, Islam always encourages its people to get married if they have the ability because marriage is a form of worship to Allah.


The law of marriage can also be permissible or permissible.

It is said to be permissible if he marries only to fulfill his desires and does not aim to build a household according to Islamic law, but he is also not afraid that he will abandon his wife.


The next law of marriage in Islam is makruh marriage. This happens if someone does not want to get married because of illness or character. He also does not have the ability to provide for his wife and family. So that if he is forced to marry, it is feared that the person will not be able to fulfill his rights and obligations in the household. Therefore this type of marriage is called Makruh in Islam.


The marriage law in Islam can also become haram if a person does not have the ability or responsibility to build a household. For example, he is unable to have sex or has no income so he is most likely unable to provide for his family in the future. In addition, the law of marriage becomes haram if the marriage is carried out with the intention of persecuting, hurting, and abandoning the partner.

Marriage can become illegitimate if the legal conditions and obligations are not fulfilled or even violated. Some examples of marriages that are forbidden in Islam are contract marriages, incest marriages, same-sex marriages, or interfaith marriages between Muslim women and non-Muslim men.

Finle Words

Well, these are marriage laws in Islam that you need to know. Are you ready to get married yourself. If yes then follow these rules. As we know that Islam is the complete code of life.

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