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Dua Before Eating: Dua After Eating with Manners

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Dua Before & After Eating

Proper eating habits need to be taught to children from an early age. Because eating etiquette can be an important tool that is useful for your little one to interact socially when he grows up. Being a Muslim we must know Dua before eating and Dua after eating besides with eating manners.

The blessing we get is not only in the form of money or salary. More than that, there are also blessings in the form of health, good friends, to the food that is served to us. Therefore, every blessing we receive, we must give thanks to Allah SWT.

One of the ways we are grateful when we get blessing is by praying to Allah SWT. The following is a dua before eating and Dua after eating complete with its meaning that you need to know. 

Dua before eating

You can read the following dua before eating.

Allahumma barik lana


O Allah! Bless it for us and provide us with that which is even better

Dua After Eating

After eating, let us read a dua too. You can read the following dua after eating.

Al-hamdu lillahi-llazi at'amani


Praise be to Allah who has given us food and drink and made us among the Muslims.

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Eating Manners

As soon as the child is able to speak and hold his own spoon and fork. At that time parents should introduce good eating procedures to their children.

Even if your child doesn’t understand what you’re saying, Never get tired of conveying polite eating etiquette. Gradually, children can understand and practice good eating rules.

How to eat well and can be practiced by children? Understand the explanation below.

Clean Hands and Face

The important eating etiquette for children to know is to clean their hands and face. Before sitting at the dinner table. Teach children to always clean their hands and face with water.

This custom is done to show respect for people who have prepared food at the dinner table. In addition, children can also get used to maintaining body hygiene.

Say Bismillah

Before starting the meal always say Bismillah. After that say Dua before eating.

Don’t Start First

Next, tell the child not to eat first before everyone sits down at the dining table and gets food.

The reason, dinner should be enjoyed together. If the child has eaten before the others are seated. It can be considered rude.

Eat with Right Hand

Eating with right hand is Sunna of Prophet Muhammad SAW. So teach your children to always eat their meal with right hand.

3.  Chewing with your mouth closed

One of the important eating procedures for children to know is to chew with their mouths closed. Because, when the mouth is open while chewing, the sound that comes out of the mouth can disturb people at the dinner table.

Then, also teach the child not to speak while there is still food in his mouth.

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4.  Be polite at the dining table

Another eating etiquette that children should learn is to be polite at the dinner table.

There are times when children want something at the dinner table, but it is out of reach. When he asks someone else to fetch it, teach the child to say, “please.”

Not only that, ask the child to always say “thank you” to the person who has prepared the meal.

Use Cutlery and Napkins

Using cutlery and napkins is one of the best ways to eat and it is important for children to do it.

When your child is eating with extended family or friends. Teach him to use a spoon and fork. Don’t let him use his hands to eat.

Also guide children to be able to use spoons and forks properly.

6.  Don’t criticize the food that has been served

The next good and polite way of eating is not criticizing the food that has been served.

Actually, it’s fine if the child does not like the food served. However, don’t let him express his displeasure directly in front of the person who made the food. This is considered rude and can hurt the person’s heart.

On the contrary, emphasize to the child to always express gratitude to the person who has served the food.

Turn off all devices

Turning off all devices or gadgets on the dining table is an eating etiquette that needs to be done, including for parents. If the child already has a gadget ( gadget ) such as a cellphone , ask the child to turn it off while at the dinner table so that he can interact with the people around him.

Final Words

Reading Dua before eating and Dua after eating means that apart from being a form of our gratitude for the blessings given by Allah SWT. It is also a self-guard so that when we eat the devil does not eat with us. So, don’t forget to read the dua before and after eating. 

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