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Surah Falaq: Qul Auzu Birabbil Falaq

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Surah Falaq Protection from Witchcraft & Magic

Surah Falaq, which means dawn. It is included in the Maki group of Surahs. Whereas, it consists on five verses and is the 113th Surah in the Quran. Al-Falaq and An Naas were revealed simultaneously. That are referred to as a muawwidzatain letter or two letters containing a request for protection to Allah SWT.

For a Muslim, of course, nothing is stranger than Surah Falaq. However, what does it mean? Well, let’s read together Surah Al-Falaq complete with Arabic, Latin and its virtues that you must know being a Muslim.

Surah Falaq

Qul a-‘uuzu birabbil falaq.

Min syar-rimaa khalaq.

Waminn syar-ri ghaa-siqin izaa waqab.

Waminn syar-rinn naffaa-tsaati fil ‘uqad.

Waminn syar-rihaa sidin izaa hasad

Background of Surah Falaq

As I have already told that Surah al-Falq belongs to the Makki surahas. That means it was revealed in the city of Makah. There are many disagreements between Makkiyah and Madni. However, many scholars agree that this surah was revealed in the city of Makkah.

From Uqbah bin Amir he related that the Prophet SAW said, “Have you not seen the verses that were revealed tonight? There is nothing like it, namely Qul Auzu Birrabbin Nas and Qul Auzu birabbil Falaq” (HR. Muslim).

The Surah was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad SAW through the angel Gabriel when the He was sick. This surah is only in the Qur’an and does not exist in its predecessor books such as the Zabur, Torah, or the Bible.

It is narrated that the Messenger of Allah himself once said that “Several verses have been revealed to me, but such have never been revealed before: Surah Al-Falq and Surah An Nas.”

Asking for protection of Allah SWT

In this Surah there is protection against three crimes. Namely the evil of the jinn and the devil. Evil of the envious, and the evil of the night. Surah Al-Falq contains the term Isti’aadzah which means asking for protection. Once messenger of Allah said:-

“O Ibn Abbas, shall I show you – or shall I tell you – what is the best use for refuge? Ibn Abbas replied, “Yes, O Messenger of Allah.” Then He said: “Qul a’udzu birabbil falaq and Qul a’udzu birabbin nas, these two letters.” (HR. An Nasa’i; Sahih).

Surah Falaq Protects from Witchcraft and Black Magic

In history, the Surah Al-Falaq was revealed when the Messenger of Allah was seriously ill. Because black magic was being used against the Holly Prophet SAW. So the angel sent by Allah (SWT) came down to visit the Rasool SAW and convey that the black magic had been used against Him.

After that the Prophet SAW sent Amar bin Yasir to burn the object that had used against him. Short after this event the surah Al Falq and An Nas came down as remedy against the Black Magic and witchcraft.

Relieve disease

Surah Falaq is believed able to relieve disease. This is believed because Rasulullah SAW always read Surah Al Falaq, Al Ikhlas, and An Nas on the body part of sick.

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A Prayer for Trouble

Surah Al-Falaq is referred to as Rabbul Falaq. That means the Lord of the morning or dawn of all creatures. By reading this surah. You have asked Allah for help for all the difficulties you are experiencing.

It is narrated that Rasulullah SAW told his companions to read this surah either before or when he woke up. This indicates that we can read Surah Al-Falaq anytime and anywhere to ask for protection and avoid trouble.

Final Words

That’s the reading of Surah Falaq complete with Latin, Arabic, and virtue meanings. Don’t forget to read often. OK!

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