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Names of Famous Angels and Their Duties in Islam

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Angels in Islam

Angels in Islam and their Duties.

As Muslims, we are obliged to believe in the Pillars of Faith. Well, the Pillars of Faith are believing on the figures mentioned in these pillars really exist. Even though they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

One of the Pillars of Faith is believing on angels . In Islam, angels are creatures of Allah who are created from light. There are thousands of angels in the world who are tasked with helping Allah SWT. However, some famous angel names and their duties must be known by Muslims.

Angel Jibreel

First, there is the Angel Jibreel. The angel Jibreel has the task of conveying revelations from Allah SWT to His Rasools. In modern times there are no more Prophets or Apostles. Because, the Prophet Muhammad SAW as the last Nabi who left this world 1400 years ago.

Therefore, in addition to conveying revelations. The task of the Angel Gabriel at this time is to breathe the soul into the fetus in the womb.

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Angel Mikael

The second Angel is Mikael. The angel Michael is in charge of providing sustenance to every living creature on earth. All living things, not only humans, but animals, plants and others, will indeed get their own sustenance through the Angel Mikael.

Not only providing sustenance, with the permission of Allah SWT. The Angel Mikail is also in charge of regulating heat, rain and plants on earth.

Angel Israfeel

Third, the Angel Israfil. The angel Israfeel is in charge of guarding and blowing the trumpet on the Day of Judgment. Trumpets are a kind of trumpet as a marker of the Day of Judgment. If Allah SWT has ordered the Angel Israfil to blow the trumpet. Then the apocalypse will occur and all living things on earth will die.

Not only once, Allah SWT will command the Angel Israfil to blow the trumpet a second time. The second trumpet blast awakens all living beings and is called the Day of Resurrection

Angel Azraeel

Fourth, the Angel Azrael. If the Angel Gabriel is in charge of giving spirit or life to the fetus. Then the task of the Angel Azrael is the opposite. The angel Azrael is in charge of taking lives. Not only humans, all living things on earth will be visited by the Angel Azrael when the time of his death has arrived

The Angel Munkar

After the human life is taken away by the Angel Azrael and he dies. Then in the grave, humans will meet the Angel of Munkar. The angel Munkar will ask questions about faith and come to humans who often do bad things in their lives.

In the Qur’an it is described, the Angel Munkar is a scary figure who carries a sledgehammer as his weapon. He will ask the human and if the human cannot answer, the Angel of Munkar will hit the human’s head using his weapon until it is destroyed. Do not stop, the human will be resurrected and asked the same question. The angel Munkar will strike his weapon if the human cannot answer. And so on until the Day of Resurrection arrives.

Angel Nakir

Sixth, Angel Nakir. The opposite of the Munkar Angel, the Nakir Angel will come to the grave and ask humans about their goodness. Narrated in the Quran.l, Angel Nakir has a friendly and pleasant face. It is also told, if a human is visited by the Angel Nakir, then that person will go to heaven.

Angel Raqib

Seventh, Angel Raqib. The presence of the Angel Raqib is in charge of recording all the good deeds of humans while they are still alive in the world. It is narrated in the Quran. The record of good deeds made by the Angel Raqib will later become a person’s savior and consideration for entering heaven

Angel Atid

The opposite of Raqib Angel, Atid Angel records all the bad deeds that humans do while still living in the world. The slightest ugliness and evil do not escape the records of Angel Atid. With this Atid Angel, may we be more careful in acting

Angel Malik

Ninth, Angel Malik. The angel Malik is in charge of guarding the gates of hell. Narrated in the Koran, the figure of the Angel Malik is rough and hard. The angel Malik served in this manner in accordance with the command of Allah SWT.

Angel Rizwan

The angel Rizwan is in charge of guarding the gates of heaven. In the Quran, heaven is described as a beautiful place and is a gift for those who always believe in Allah SWT throughout their lives.

Final Words

Those are the ten names of angels and their duties. That are believed in Islam. Hopefully it can increase our faith in Allah SWT .

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