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Want to Grow Your YouTube Channel? Consider Marketing Services?

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The owner of a YouTube channel with one million subscribers can expect to make an average of $60,000 per year. That’s about the same average salary as a nurse (RN) or a police officer working full time in the United States. A schoolteacher makes between $39,000 and $60,000 on average.

If a YouTuber manages to bump up his or her subscriptions to, say, 2 to 4 million subscribers, the income can easily be six figures. Chef John, for example, the host of Food Wishes, earns an estimated $730,000 per year from his 4.4 million YouTube audience.

That’s why owning a thriving YouTube channel is the dream of millions of people around the world. What could be better than staying home, posting videos, being your own boss and earning a comfortable — even lucrative — living?

It Doesn’t Just Happen

Unfortunately, millions of people have found out the hard way that building a YouTube channel to hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers is way, way harder than it looks.

Nothing is more frustrating than posting what the YouTuber believes is a “killer video” that is sure to create “buzz” and “go viral” –- only to garner an anemic 73 views after a month!

The fact is, no matter how juicy the video content is, few YouTube channels take off without the support of an intelligent, highly strategic marketing plan that deploys numerous well-understood marketing tools used by professionals.

Should YouTubers Hire a Marketing Service?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is “Yes, absolutely.” The bottom line is that no YouTube channel can compete among the 51 million other channels already out there, all of them vying for the eyeballs of viewers and subscribers.

The vast majority of those 51 million YouTube channels make no income at all. It is also worth noting that just 10% of all YouTube channels with 250,000 subscribers or more are responsible for 70% of all videos posted.

What a Marketing Firm Will Do for a YouTube Channel

Professional YouTube marketing services that specialize in YouTube promotion have an array of powerful tools and methodologies at their disposal. Some of these include:

  1. A method to create a powerful, recognizable brand for the channel.
  2. A method Defining the YouTube channel’s audience.
  3. Conducting a competitive analysis.
  4. Help to create powerful video YouTube content.
  5. How to use YouTube shorts and other features.
  6. Optimizing each video with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics.
  7. Methods for active-proactive engagement with audiences.
  8. Attracting more viewers and building higher subscription numbers.
  9. How to use YouTube advertising to drive more traffic.
  10. How to partner with YouTube influencers.
  11. Getting a handle on an accurate reading of YouTube analytics.

For the budding YouTube channel creator, acquiring the skills to do any one of the tasks listed above involves a steep learning curve.

This tends to be a source of great frustration for YouTubers because they are already busy working sometimes 10 to 14 hours a day just producing their own videos.

This latter fact demonstrates why delegating the marketing aspect of a YouTube channel is almost a necessity if one is going to achieve success with this digital platform.

Some Popular YouTube Marketing Tools

Now let’s take a look at some of the popular tools professional YouTube marketers use to achieve results.

Sprout Social

This tool is a series of YouTube management tools that streamline a marketing strategy. It includes things like scheduling and publishing software, ranking video analytics relating to audience type, YouTube “listening tactics” to monitor YouTube conversations, a YouTube comment manager tool and more.


This is an online design tool that helps with the vital branding effort of a YouTube channel. It helps create “branding visuals” and can also be used to edit thumbnails, banners and profile pictures. Canva will also help create “ontros” and “outros” for videos.


A marketing and analytics tool, Vid IQ is a kind of marketing intelligence tool that prompts daily ideas for video content, keyword research, organizational assistance, performance metrics and competitor analysis.

Marketing is the Key

So, yes, anyone can pick up one of the tools listed above, apply it to their YouTube efforts and gain some traction.

However, building a consistent YouTube audience of six figures to millions of subscribers requires flat-out hard work, constant, sustained effort and advanced digital marketing know-how that only professional YouTube marketers have mastered – because that’s what they do every day.

It’s clear that success with YouTube is inextricably tied to professional marketing techniques that can make things happen.

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