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Find Out Who’s Calling Me: 5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

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Receiving phone calls from unknown numbers can be quite frustrating, especially if they come repeatedly. If you have ever found yourself asking, “who’s calling me?” or “whose number is this?” you need to consider using reverse phone lookup sites. 

Several reverse phone lookup sites are available online, and choosing the right one can be challenging. Here, we have compiled a list of the five best reverse phone lookup sites that you can use to identify callers whose details are unknown to you. These sites offer reliable and accurate information on the caller, including their name, address, and even their social media profiles.

The 5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

  1. USPhoneLookup – The overall best reverse phone lookup site
  2. Spokeo – The most efficient way to find unknown phone numbers
  3. NumLooker – Provides the accurate information 
  4. PhoneNumberLookupFree – The user-friendly site for reverse phone lookup
  5. Intelius – The most reliable reverse phone lookup platform

1. Usphonelookup – The Overall Best Reverse Phone Lookup Site

USPhoneLookup is an online tool that allows users to perform free reverse phone lookups on any phone number, whether a landline or a mobile phone. Users can search for phone numbers by area code and obtain information about the owner’s name, location, social media profiles, job status, and email addresses. 

The tool has a powerful search engine that helps users get results within seconds. It is web-based, meaning users don’t need to install additional apps. The site’s data security has high encryption protocols, and the platform is secure, ensuring the privacy and security of users’ searches. 

USPhoneLookup offers extensive area code reports that contain names, social profiles, and a history of an individual’s employment or criminal cases, if applicable. To know more, click here. It prides itself on providing fast query processing and advanced search services that quickly extract data associated with a phone number and provide instant results.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Provides detailed phone number information
  • Fast search results
  • Offers free reverse number lookup
  • Covers phone searches across all states


  • No customer support contact provided

2. Spokeo – The Most Efficient Way to Find Unknown Phone Numbers

Spokeo is a reverse phone lookup platform that provides general people searches. Users can utilize the platform to search for old friends, identify unknown callers, and research dates. Additionally, businesses can use Spokeo to find new customers or prevent fraud. 

It provides reverse phone lookup services for both paid and free users. The site retrieves the latest possible details on the phone number, such as the individual’s name, address history, mobile carrier, and other pertinent information.  

Spokeo has 20 million monthly users, organizes 12 billion records, and answers 500,000 searches per day. It utilizes thousands of sources to provide its users with valuable and accurate information. The platform is a quick and efficient way to acquire knowledge about individuals.


  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law in the United States regulating the collection, distribution, and use of consumer credit information.  
  • Extensive public records
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Offers completely free trials


  • Limited to the USA
  • It may display outdated information
  • Requires sign-up and charges for detailed results

3. Numlooker – Provides the Accurate Information

NumLooker is a highly reputable reverse phone lookup website in the US. The tool is simple and free, enabling users to input any phone number and rapidly access pertinent details. The site displays all publicly available data, including the unknown caller’s full name, social media accounts, previous financial records, location, residence or work address, wealth, and other valuable details. 

With NumLooker, users can make informed decisions about returning calls from unknown numbers. The website is praised for its speed, accuracy, and availability. 


  • Maintains accurate and up-to-date data
  • It helps users find lost individuals and protect privacy
  • Fast and easy-to-use website accessible from any device
  • Quick scan of data for matching information, no long wait times  


  • The caller’s job is not included in the report.
  • The website sometimes crashes.
  • Extra cost for extra information.

4. Phonenumberlookupfree – The User-Friendly Site for Reverse Phone Lookup

PhoneNumberLookupFree is a reverse phone number lookup service designed for people in the United States looking to discover the identity of an unknown caller. The service rapidly and securely gathers publicly accessible data, including a person’s name, address, and criminal history. PhoneNumberLookupFree is committed to protecting the privacy of its users while providing them with accurate information. 

The website’s simplicity and speed make getting the information needed without hassle easy. PhoneNumberLookupFree also provides detailed information on area codes in the US, including city, location, and population data. 


  • Clean and straightforward UI
  • Access to substantial legal public records
  • Quick and seamless search process
  • Positive reviews online


  • Only the residents of the United States have access to this tool
  • Sometimes provides information that may not be relevant to your search

5. Intelius – The Most Reliable Reverse Phone Lookup Platform

Intelius is a reliable website for conducting reverse phone lookups to identify unknown callers. In addition to providing the caller’s identity and location, Intelius offers extra features, such as a people search function, which allows users to conduct background checks and locate lost contacts. 

While Intelius charges a fee for complete reports, its information can help enhance security. The information available on the platform may not always be entirely accurate and reliable.

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  • Affordable subscription fee
  • Offers a trial period
  • Thorough reports, including education history, criminal background, and court filings
  • Easy-to-use interface with options for people to search and reverse phone/address lookup
  • Excellent customer service and user support via phone or email


  • It can be unclear what the exact price will be for a subscription or service.
  • Users must log in to access the platform.


A reverse phone lookup site can help discover who’s calling you and avoid fraudulent activities. The five sites discussed above are reliable and accurate; you can choose any of them depending on your preference. However, we highly recommend using USPhoneLookup as it provides comprehensive information on the caller, including their full name, location, and social media profiles. 

USPhoneLookup offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it the ideal choice for those new to phone number lookup services. If you receive a call from an unknown number, don’t hesitate to use USPhoneLookup to identify the caller. It is a straightforward and efficient solution that can help protect you from scammers, spammers, and unknown callers. Keep yourself safe by using USPhoneLookup.

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