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What to Do When You Are Unable to Attach Files in Yahoo Mail

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Many emails require users to attach documents. These documents usually contain essential information that cannot be elaborated on while composing the message. However, sometimes you may be unable to attach files in Yahoo Mail. Some common factors leading to it include file restrictions, an unsupported web browser, or an incompatible antivirus program. But don’t think that you cannot send attachments ever. Instead, use these easy fixes in this article and attach documents quickly. 

What to Do When You Are Unable to Attach Files in Yahoo Mail

After using these measures, you’ll be able to attach files and videos for your contacts without any issues.

1. Find if Yahoo is accepting your file

Yahoo may not accept certain files. These include files exceeding 25 MB and files with special characters. So, if your document has characters like dollar signs, hashtags, and slashes, remove them. Also, you cannot attach encrypted files. So, making an effort to secure files with encryption is not a good idea.

After making your file as per the conditions set by Yahoo, try attaching them again.

2. Turn off your antivirus

Are you still wondering why can’t I attach files in Yahoo Mail? Your antivirus may be the cause. It often interferes with the attachment uploading process. To determine if this is the cause, disable your antivirus. 

Now, try attaching the files again. You can also try switching to a different antivirus program if your current one interrupts this process.

3. Diagnose the issue with the No Add-on mode

If you are an internet explorer user and cannot attach files in Yahoo Mail, try using the No dd-on mode. This mode identifies and fixes issues that occur due to the presence of add-ons. Use these steps to turn on this mode.

  • Firstly, hit Windows and R keys on your keyboard.
  • After that, input ‘explore/extoff.’
  • Now, hit the Enter button.
  • The No Add-on mode has been launched.
  • You can now add attachments to Yahoo Mail.

4. Use an approved browser

Are you using a web browser that Yahoo Mail supports? If not, it can be the reason you are unable to attach files in Yahoo Mail. Some of the browsers that Yahoo Mail supports include Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. If you’re already using one of these browsers, check if it is updated to the current version.

5. Find whether Yahoo servers are working fine

Often the problem can occur at Yahoo’s end. If its server is down, you cannot access your mail, let alone send attachments. Check the status of the email service by going to Downdetector.com. If it displays problems with the servers, wait till they start running. Alternatively, go to Facebook or any social media account of the Yahoo service and check for the problem. 

Final Words

Now whenever you are unable to attach files in Yahoo Mail, you don’t need to worry. Use these fixes and attach different kinds of files and folders easily. If you still encounter issues, consult an email technical expert.

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