Related Causes of Excess Eyelid Skin

excess eyelid skin

Are you worried about having excess eyelid skin? While it can get you curious, you might want to know the cause to see if it’s serious. Usually, excess eyelid skin is a cosmetic issue. But in some cases, it could lead to irritation, redness, or vision problems. So, it helps to understand the cause if you’re searching for a solution. Here are the related causes of the condition to help you determine if it applies to your case.

Loosening Eyelid Muscle Strength

One of the most frequent reasons for drooping eyelids is ptosis. It refers to the loosening of upper eyelid muscle strength, causing them to droop and block your vision. It happens because the nerve that controls the eyelid gets damaged. And so, it loses its hold or results in swelling. The common treatment is eyelid surgery, which requires your doctor to remove the extra skin, tuck the muscle, or strengthen it. You can check out the eyelid surgery by Dr. Sulyman-Scott to know more about the process.

Loss of Elasticity

Another condition is dermatochalasis or the loss of elasticity. Rather than drooping, most refer to it as baggy eyes. In this case, the connective tissue at the front of the eyelid weakens due to several causes, like aging or inflammation. Since the condition can impact your vision at a severe level, many suggest seeing a cosmetic surgeon for treatment.

Weakening of Lower Eyelid Muscles

Although most excess skin cases involve the upper eyelid, you can also experience it in your lower lids. These result in two conditions, depending on the direction it droops. Entropion is when it droops inward, causing your lower eyelashes to touch your eyes. As a result, it could tear or irritate different parts of your eye. If it droops outward, you call it ectropion. Here, your upper and lower eyelids have trouble meeting. So, it leads to frequent drying and excess tearing.

Natural Effect of Aging

When you age, your skin becomes less tight and smooth. It affects your eyes by causing your eyelids to droop downward. And so, it creates additional folds that could go over your lashes. Since this is a natural occurrence, you usually don’t have to worry about it. Even so, you can expect it to affect your vision the more it sags since it blocks the way. Despite your age, you can try plastic surgery or other natural methods to improve it.

Eye Diseases

Some eye diseases can cause the skin of your eyes to droop since it alters their composition. A common instance is when your eyes swell, whether it’s due to allergies or infections. When the swelling fades, it could leave your eyes with excess skin due to the stretching. And so, it could result in cosmetic changes to your eyelids.

Previous Cosmetic Surgery

If you had eyelid or cosmetic surgery before, you could experience your eyelids drooping due to incorrect handling. Let’s say you got a Botox injection. If your plastic surgeon administers it improperly, your eyelids can droop between or after the treatment. The same occurs if it’s applied in the wrong area. Because of this, you should find a cosmetic surgeon with the necessary license and experience at all times.

Learn How to Deal With Excess Eyelid Skin by Knowing the Causes

Excess eyelid skin usually doesn’t bother you until you notice it or it begins to affect your eyes. Knowing the causes can help you find the best treatment. At the same time, it gives you an idea if your situation is mild or severe. Browse more guides like this in our blog!

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