Simple & Easy Rangoli Designs 2021 & 2022 Diwali Collection

Rangoli Design Easy & Simple
Rangoli Designs
Rangoli Design

Get ready to check beautiful, heart touching, Simple & Easy Rangoli Designs 2021 collection. Amazing Kolam design collection for your special day.

Rangoli Design with Colours
Rangoli Design with Colours
New Rangoli Design
New Rangoli Design
Rangoli Design Peacock
Rangoli Design Peacock
Flower Rangoli Design
Flower Rangoli Design
Rangoli Design 2021 with dots
Rangoli Design 2021 with dots
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Rangoli Design Very Easy
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Rangoli With Flowers
Red Flower Kolam
Kolam Dots
Kolam Dots
Mandala Rangoli
Mandala Rangoli
Rangoli 2021
White Dots Rangoli 2021

What is Rangoli

If you are living in the Indian subcontinent. Then you are well known about Rangoli. But if you are from some other countries of the world. Then you should be familiar with Rangoli. 

Easy Rangoli Design

Rangoli is a kind of colorful pattern or art. Generally Rangolies are made at the entrance of homes to welcome the Goddess of wealth i.e Laxmi and prevent evil or any kind of negativity from entering the house. There are many varieties of Rangoli designs 2021. However, I am posting here some best kinds of simple and easy rangoli designs. 

Rangoli Design Kolam

People can create rangoli on the floor using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. But if you prefer to go traditional and make rangoli with the help of rice flour, here are some of the unique designs you can try this year. 


The main season for Rangoli is Diwali and Karva Chauth. These are a religious and cultural festivals of Hindu community. Therefore, they make beautiful Rangoli designs on those events. However, in some parts of India people make Rangoli designs on a daily basis. Thus the demand for Kolam design remains high during the whole year. 

Kolam with Dots

People always search for easy Rangoli Patterns. Women are very fond of making this colorful art. That is why they always ask us for new rangoli ideas. Keeping the demand and necessity in view. I am posting here a simple Rangoli designs for you. Hope this will give you a new idea to decorate your house on Diwali 2021. Preparations for Event begin in advance – people choose the Kolam design and most importantly, collect materials to design them.

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Rangoli Design for Diwali 2022

Diwali 2021

So here I am going to properly start my article. Before this I was giving you important knowledge about Rangoli. Because we must know the history and background of this golden tradition. So the heritage of ancestors can be preserved for future generations.

Diya Rangoli Design

Diwali is the function of lights. As we know that Diwali 2022 date is Monday 24 October.  And rangoli is a major part of Deepawali. That is why I am posting here amazing Rangoli designs for Diwali 2021. These are top rated designs that have earned huge recognition from the audience.

Rangoli Images

However, if you are searching for simple and Easy Rangoli design. Then scroll down to bottom. Their amazing simple rangoli designs are waiting for you. 

Kolam Design

As I have ealier mention that I want to make your special day even better. That is why I was working for many days to find special Kolam for you. So you can creat a unique and colorfull pattern on your upcoming events.

Laam Rangoli

The above design is one if the best design in the collection. It is really easy to implement. Whereas, the peacock feathers are giving it charming look. As the design has some Diya. So you can comsider it for Dewali.

Rangoli New Design

Here another super Rangoli Design for Diwali. The designer has put great effort to finsh this beautiful design. If you have still not found the perfect Kolam. Then you must consider this design. Because it is a relly nice Mandala like design. That is laid on the ground.

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However, you must have the same itmes to complete this design. If you are living far-flung areas and you are not in possession of these itmes. Then you should conaider any other Easy Rangoli Designs. That are I am placing in this article bellow.

Easy Rangoli Design

Easy Rangoli Design

In previous section I was placing some beautiful Rangoli images. That are specifically related to Diwali. However, this part of the article I am going to place Easy Rangoli Designs. That have no boundaries for seasons and events.

You can create these beautiful patterns anywhere anytime. As these designs are not lengthy and time consuming. Therefore, you can creat theme in minutes on daily basis.

Kolam Simple

Just look at this design. I am sure you have never seen a simple Rangoli design like this one. The design comprises on a big leaf of a betel (Paan). Whereas, foot prints are placed in the middle in white color. You can place different color Diya on the heel of foot print. However, in this design you can see a red and yellow color Diyas. You can also add colorfull dots instead of Diya.

Laam Rangoli

If you are in possession of different clour of limestone powder. Then start making this Easy Kolam design. The design has different color zig-zag lines going from bottom bto top and top to bottom. Whereas, flower like pink dots have placed along the lines. On the other hand a red flower is enhancing the beauty from the center. The design can hardly take your five minutes to complete.

Rangoli Design Easy & Simple

Are you a big fan of flowers. Then lay down your favorite flowers on the floor. As the artsit has don the image. You can not find a really beautiful yet simple Rangoli design with flowers like this. The design has a great flexibility for change as per the choice. You can change the color of flowers and leaves as per your choice. And you can also increase the numbers of flowers as per the demand.

Peackock Rangoli

Rangoli Design 2021 with dots

The peacock is one of the beautiful bird in the world. It is found all over the world. However, their majority is living in Indian subcontinent. specially in the desert of Rajhasthan and Sindh. Thus it has great influence in Hind religion. That is why many people like Rangoli design with peacock. Therefore, I am bringing some beautiful Kolam deaigns containing the peacock.

Rangoli Kolam

Peacock looks great in Rainy days. When he opens his wings and feather for dance. That is why many poet of subcontinent use peacock in their poetry. But here as we are talking about simple rangoli designs. Thus I am placing here some beautiful patterns related to peacock kolam. I am sure you will like it very much. As these are choosen from the most latest catalogue of Rangoli images.

Peacock Rangoli

Generally Kolam with peacock are difficult to implement. Whereas, common simple rangoli designs are more easy than peacock. However, the above pattern is not so difficult. If you have the complete material and colors. Then you can think about this pattern. You can also make the gunpati rangoli designs in the same way. However, you can add some other itmes like flower and dots to increase the overall beauty.

Kolam Design


Rangoli Kolam is not different from the traditional designs. However, it has some specific changes that is why it is called Kolam in some parts of India. Thus I am posting here some beautiful Kolam designs that has a great attraction.

Pulli Kolam

It is really nice Kolam design with dots. Many color schemes have been used to make this great design. In very middile there is a circular rainbow covered with white vintage. Further ahed it is green round ground alongwith white dots. The outer part is very stylish and attractive.

Rangoli With Diya Design

This is a really nice Rangoli design for Diwali. However, it is really hard to implement for new artists. Therefore, you have to hire a professional artist who has good grip on Kolam designs. Therefore, maximum results can achieved. So take the advantage and book this design from your artist today.

Rangoli Design Easy

If you are thinking to make Rangoli Kolam yourself. Here is a beautiful easy Rangoli design for you. It is a really nice and clean design easy to implement. Even a teenager girl can make it very easily. If you are beginner and want to make Kolam design yourself. Then start your journey from this pattern.

Flower Rangoli

Many people demand me the gunpti Rangoli design. Therefore, I am giving this beautiful Gunesh Rangoli Idea. The design is easy to implement either on the floor or wall. However, it will give dashing look at wall.


It is another good looking new Rangoli design for Karwa Chouth. The design can be use during the whole year. However, it is best for Diwali, Holi and any other special event like wedding etc. White and yellow flowers are adding more beauty.

Closing Rangoli Designs

I am closing this chapter with this hope that you have find your favourate Simple & Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2022. If you like my efforts. Then please share this article with your friends.