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Renew the decoration of your home with your own hands

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Revitalize your living space with a personal touch using DIY products that speak volumes about your style. Discover the joy of crafting your home decor with these handpicked items designed for a unique and refreshing ambiance.

1. DIY Wall Decals for Instant Impact

Transform your blank walls into captivating focal points with easy-to-apply DIY wall decals. Choose from an array of designs that resonate with your personality, adding a splash of creativity to any room. These decals are not just decorations; they are expressions of your individuality.

2. Personalized Home Fragrance Diffusers

Craft your own signature scent with DIY fragrance diffusers. Blend essential oils to create a welcoming and personalized aroma for your home. Place these diffusers strategically to evoke a sense of tranquility and warmth, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who enters.

3. Upcycled Furniture Kits for Sustainable Style

Give your old furniture a modern makeover with DIY upcycled furniture kits. These kits provide everything you need to breathe new life into outdated pieces. Embrace sustainability while expressing your creativity, turning worn-out furniture into stunning, one-of-a-kind statements.

4. Handmade Macramé Plant Hangers

Bring the outdoors in by crafting your own macramé plant hangers. Elevate your greenery by suspending potted plants in intricate, handmade holders. This simple DIY project not only adds a touch of nature to your space but also serves as a beautiful, functional piece of decor.

5. Customizable String Lights for Ambient Lighting

Light up your space with DIY customizable string lights. Weave these lights around mirrors, artwork, or furniture to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. With various shapes and colors to choose from, these lights allow you to tailor your home’s ambiance to match your mood.

6. Artistic Stencil Kits for Unique Wall Patterns

Redesign your walls effortlessly with DIY artistic stencil kits. Express your creativity by painting intricate patterns or designs directly onto your walls. This budget-friendly option adds an artistic flair that complements your style, making every room in your home truly unique.

7. Embroidered Throw Pillow Covers

Refresh your living space by creating your own embroidered throw pillow covers. Choose fabrics and thread colors that resonate with your decor theme. These custom covers add a personal touch to your sofas and chairs, instantly updating the look of your seating areas.


Renewing the decoration of your home becomes an exciting journey when you infuse your personality into every element. Explore the world of Smartcret to transform your living space into a reflection of your style and creativity. With these handpicked items, you’ll not only renew your home decor but also relish the satisfaction of crafting a space that truly feels like your own.

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