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The Major Principles of Floral Design for Incredible Flower Arrangements

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Design is all-pervasive. But it is hidden from our eyes till we become conscious of it. Flowers, even when kept in a simple vase, look enticing because they are inherently pleasing to the eye. However, when arranged according to design principles, they turn into splendid artwork.

Experienced florists of online flower stores are also expert designers who create captivating floral arrangements by following the six design principles. Keep reading to learn more about the application of these principles.

Floral Design Principles for Exquisite Flower Arrangements

A professional florist of online flower delivery in Alexandria follows these principles when crafting beautiful flower arrangements. It allows them to create evocative arrangements for various occasions and events.

1.   Balance

A good flower arrangement has two types of balance, symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. The former means keeping similar quantities of materials on both sides, so nothing looks out of place. Asymmetrical balance is when the florist places a nearly equal visual weight of various elements on both sides of a central access. This arrangement balances different foliage, flowers, and buds.

Both sides can vary in asymmetrical balance. However, they look balanced because their weight is always equal.

2.   Contrast

Contrast implies using elements to highlight differences. It makes the arrangement more intriguing to the eye. Adding contrast means using opposite colors and color combinations in the piece. The presence of various shades of blooms kept strategically evokes a myriad of feelings.

Today, if you want to send flowers to Alexandria, you can consult an online florist who will assess your needs and create a beautiful arrangement.

3.   Emphasis

Emphasis or dominance refers to those parts of the design that draw the gaze toward them. A dominant color, size, or texture in a floral design makes it more captivating and acts as a focal point. A single dominant element is enough to make the floral design attractive. It also makes the whole arrangement feel more uniform and less divided.

4.   Rhythm

Rhythm is a core component of floral design. The purpose behind this principle is to allow the eye to move throughout the arrangement instead of getting fixed on a specific spot. It drives the gaze from the focal point to the entire arrangement. The florists of online flower delivery in Alexandria achieve rhythm in their creations by repeating different elements of the arrangements.

Alternatively, they also change the texture, weight, size, or color of the design. Thus, a pathway gets created for the eye to look throughout the design. The application of this floral design principle results in a stunning and visually appealing overall design.

5.   Proportion

This principle deals with the entire design. The overarching goal is to ensure that each component appears to be part of a whole. The florist ensures that every component of the flower arrangement, such as form, texture, or color, is well proportioned. It is essential to factor in the amount of plant material as per the container. Another consideration is the arrangement’s height in relation to its width.

Regarding the line, the proportionate relates to length. With regards to space, proportionate is relative to the volume or area. When it comes to color, the proportion is relative to the overall effect of texture, hue value intensity, and color.

6.   Scale

Scale implies the way different flowers and vases relate to one another. More specifically, it implies the differences in size. If one element is much more or less in quantity, it will disturb the scale. It, in turn, will accentuate the parts you don’t want the viewer to see. The correct application of scale allows the final piece to fit into the desired place effortlessly.

Summing Up

Flowers have a way of making people feel happier and better. These principles enable florists to arrange blossoms aesthetically. As a result, the arrangements enliven the atmosphere and evoke feelings of joy in the onlooker’s mind. You can consult expert florists for online flower delivery in Alexandria if you want arrangements tailored to a specific event or day.

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