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How To Prevent Your Mobile Phone From Breaking In Kettering

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Mobile phones have become a necessary part of our lives in the digital age, keeping us linked and organized. However, those smooth devices are also quite fragile, and a single drop can cause a cracked display screen or different damages. 

Keep yourself from the problem of high-priced maintenance; it’s vital to take preventive measures. This article will provide practical recommendations on how to prevent your cell phone from breaking and repair in Kettering.

Understanding The Vulnerability Of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are sensitive devices full of a superior era but also weak. A fall on a tough surface can result in sizable damage, affecting both the hardware and software additives. Understanding this vulnerability is step one in taking precautions to prevent your phone from breaking.

Investing In A Sturdy Phone Case

One of the simplest approaches to shield your cell phone from capacity harm is investing in a strong phone case. A rugged case provides protection, soaking up the impact of falls and bumps. Look for instances that provide strengthened corners and raised edges around the display to guard against cracks and scratches.

Applying A Screen Protector

A screen protector is a skinny, obvious layer clinging to your smartphone’s display. It acts as a barrier, absorbing shocks and preventing direct effects on the glass. With various sorts available, including tempered glass and plastic protectors, you could choose the one that best fits your desires.

Avoiding Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can adversely affect your mobile smartphone’s battery life and normal functionality. Avoid leaving your smartphone in direct sunlight or exposing it to freezing temperatures for extended durations. Heat can purpose the battery to degrade faster, while bloodless temperatures might result in malfunctions.

Being Cautious With Water Exposure

Water harm is a not unusual motive for phone repair. Even some drops of water can harm the inner components. Avoid the use of your phone in humid environments or near water sources. If your smartphone gets wet, power it off immediately and search for professional assistance.

Regular Maintenance And Cleaning

Regularly preserving and cleaning your smartphone can prevent dust, dirt, and debris from amassing in crevices and ports. Use a gentle material to wipe the screen and a small brush to ease out the charging port and audio system. This simple exercise can enlarge the lifestyles of your tool.

Using A Phone Holster Or Belt Clip

Carrying your cell phone in a dedicated holster or belt clip can reduce the chance of unintended drops. These add-ons securely preserve your smartphone close to your frame, minimizing the possibility of slipping out of your hand or pocket.

Being Mindful Of Pockets And Bags

Avoid setting your phone in your wallet or baggage with sharp objects or heavy objects that overwhelm or scratch it. Dedicated cell phone cubicles or defensive sleeves can provide an additional layer of security.

Avoiding Overcharging

Overcharging your phone’s battery can result in overheating and reduced battery life. To prevent this, unplug your cellphone as soon as it reaches 100% price and avoid leaving it plugged in for a day.

Being Careful During Physical Activities

A fall for the duration of physical activities can reason good-sized damage. Consider the usage of an armband or a secure pocket to keep your smartphone safe.

Regularly Updating Software And Apps

Software updates frequently consist of bug fixes and safety upgrades that could enhance your phone’s performance and defend it from vulnerabilities. Keep your cell phone’s running machine and apps updated to ensure premier functionality.

Keeping Your Phone Secure

Using strong, precise passwords or biometric authentication methods can save you unauthorized get right of entry to your smartphone. In the occasion of theft, a locked tool is much less appealing to ability thieves.

Utilizing Wrist Straps 

Attaching a wrist strap or lanyard to your cellphone provides an extra layer of safety. This simple accent can save accidental drops by maintaining your smartphone tethered to your wrist.

Considering Insurance And Extended Warranty

Despite your first-class efforts, injuries can nevertheless occur. Consider getting insurance or a prolonged assurance on your phone. These alternatives can offer financial protection in case your cellphone does require repair or alternative.


Your mobile smartphone is a treasured asset that merits protection. By enforcing those preventive measures, you may significantly reduce the danger of your cellphone breaking and avoid the problem of costly maintenance. Each step contributes to ensuring your phone’s longevity and most beneficial performance, from investing in a robust case to being cautious with water exposure.

But if your mobile needs phone repair services accidentally, immediately contact Spark Angels for high-quality and reliable phone repair services in Kettering.


Is It Essential To Use A Smartphone Case And A Display Screen Protector?

While each offers maximum protection, a strong case is vital for impact absorption, and a screen protector guards against scratches and cracks.

Can You Restore A Cracked Screen By Yourself?

Repairing a cracked screen requires specialized equipment and know-how. It’s endorsed to are seeking professional assistance to avoid similar damage.

What Ought To Do If Your Phone Receives Moisture?

Power off the phone immediately, do away with any add-ons and look for professional assistance from a mobile phone repair shop in Kettering to save you irreversible water harm.

Are Software Updates Important For Cellphone Safety?

Software updates often include security patches that protect your phone from vulnerabilities and capability threats.

How Can Insurance Assist In The Case Of Unintended Harm?

Insurance can cover the prices of repairs or even replacement, relying on the phrases of the policy, offering monetary alleviation in case of surprising damages.

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