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How Do I Login As Administrator On My Canon Printer?

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When you set up your Canon Printer for the very first time, you need a Canon Default Password. This will help you to log in as an administrator just after selecting the language which is extensively required.

Otherwise, your important items such as network and security will not be set up at any cost. However, depending on the printer model you use, an administrator password is specified at the time of purchase. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how you can obtain the default password and reset it for a secured network. Hence, feast your eyes!

What Is a Canon Default Password?

Usually, the default password for the administrator is either “Canon” or the printer serial number. And, “ADMIN” is the default username for the Canon Printer specified at the time of purchase.

Learn How To Find Your Canon Printer’s Serial Number

Mainly, the serial number is mentioned on a white sticker attached to each printer. The serial number will contain 9 alphanumeric characters. For example: XXXX00000 (X denotes letters, 0 denotes Numbers).

However, it would be best if you changed the Canon Default Password to enhance the security and hassle-freely operate as an Administrator. Do not share the changed password with anybody for safety purposes. It should only be known by the Administrator.

The Stepwise Instructions To Login As An Administrator

While you set up the network settings for your Canon Printer, it is required to log in as an administrator. So, here’s the relevant course of action that will surely help you to do the same. Let’s implement:

  • In the very beginning, click on the Printer’s “Settings” icon.
  • Then, press the “Log In” tab.
  • Now, log in appropriately with the given procedure.

Picture Login

Opt for a user with administrator privilege.

 Keyboard Authentication

1.  First, enter the name of a user with administrator privilege.

2.  Now, press the “Next” button.

3.  After that, set the Canon Default Password and then hit the “OK” tab.

4.  Now, press the “Login” tab.

5. If you have not changed the administrator password earlier, then you will receive a prompt to change to a new password. So, all you need to do is to click the “Yes” tab and start creating a new password. Enter the new password twice just for confirmation.

6.  If you have already changed the administrator password, the functions will be available after a successful login to an administrator account.

NOTE: You are strongly recommended to use 8 and more alphanumeric characters if you change the administrator password.

Important Tools To Use For Password Modification

You can effortlessly change the password using one of the below-noted tools:

      Operation Panel of the printer

  • Network Tool

     Printer information screen displayed on some Canon software programs.

  • Network Device Setup Utility

Quality Canon Printer Support For Canon Default Password

Wasn’t the above-provided information regarding Default Password Canon beneficial for you? Need additional support to learn how to use the default password and make it change to secure your network? Feel free to reach out to us via the helpline number for one-stop online Canon Printer Support. We have experienced tech specialists to lend you a hand in whatever field you need assistance with.

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