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All You Should Know About Indian Passport Documents

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Securing an Indian passport is quite easy. It requires some necessary documents that are scrutinized to check the authenticity of the individual’s credentials as an indigenous inhabitant. 

The basic documents frequently required for this purpose are birth verification, proof of address, photographs, and so on. Other documents may be needed which vary according to a person’s profession and some more factors. We have provided a comprehensive scan of all the documents required for Indian passport application in this article.

What documents are required for an Indian Passport?

A passport is a travel-related certificate issued by the Indian government that identifies a person as a citizen of the country. To get a passport, the applicants are obliged to submit certain proofs of identity, locality, age, etc. This content elucidates how the documents required for an Indian passport should be prepared.

A Valid photo ID is mandatory to apply for an Early passport in India. These documents must present the person’s name, gender, date of birth, address, and photograph. Acceptable proof of identity can be in the form of an Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Ration Card, or Elector’s Photo Identity Card.

For an Indian passport, the next required document is evidence of residence. A diversity of forms is accepted such as a voter ID Card, Bank Statement or Passbook, Electricity or Telephone Bill, Income Tax Assessment Order, a document issued by the government, or a gas connection booklet. All these documents must have the applicant’s name and address.

To be considered as an applicant, one must offer proof of age. It is required to provide a Birth Certificate, a School Leaving Certificate, or a Matriculation Certificate to demonstrate the age of the individual. Other documents that do not explicitly show the date of birth will not be accepted.

The fourth document is a declaration that the applicant has been truthful in providing the required information for the passport application. This includes a statement that the individual has not presented any documents known to be inaccurate or fraudulent in an attempt to secure the passport. It further outlines that the applicant has not been convicted of any grave crimes in India or been responsible for any major fraud.

Obtaining an Indian passport will require the submission of five documents, the fifth being police clearance. This is for applicants to designate an ascertainment of their background with no incriminating records. It can be done in two fashions. One being, a Police Character Certificate processed by local police, and the other is a Police Clearance Certificate issued by government authorities.

Applicants must also submit 3 independent passport-sized pictures with a white background. These photographs must depict the applicant’s facial features clearly, along with the date of being captured which should be from the last 6 months. The photographs must be up to date.


At the end of the day, it is essential to assemble the relevant Indian passport documents for traveling overseas. Also, the multicurrency travel card is an impeccable companion for your foreign sojourns. 

This outstanding payment option obviates the need to frequently exchange money and it endows people with the ability to account for expenses in real-time. Altogether, these factors emancipate Indian individuals to embark on a more contented and satisfactory journey outside of their homeland.

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