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Why should you switch to Webflow?

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A lot of companies wonder which content management system (CMS) based website builder to use. They all look for user friendly options which also allow easy migration and retention of data and content. If both are lost in migration and development, then both the agency and client face an issue of getting the data and content back (plus the reputation issues).

This is why no one wants to work on complicated and outdated systems. This is why businesses, brands and companies alike need a website building tool that is comprehensive, easy, roust, secure and reliable.

Between WordPress and WebFlow, the question of who is going to win keeps rising. Almost everyone is curious to know the answer. In all honesty, booth web designing platforms are indeed impressive, they have their own advantages,m disadvantages and of course, unique features.

In the world of mobile devices and mobile apps running amok, a company’s website still holds its pivotal role as a business’s most powerful marketing asset. It is one of those places where customers can easily learn more about what a company does and who they are.

It opens an additional window for the company which makes it a key touchpoint for any business, brand and company alike. This is the very reason why top notch web design for a website is important. Now is a good time to examine the way Webflow helps turn a website into the talk of the town:

Some of the best tools are present in Webflow

Webflow has a relatively simple and safe set of tools in its kit. This indicates that it is a robust web design kit and platform. Additionally, clients get safe space as well because once content is uploaded on a site built using it, there is a very small chance of anything bringing down the site.

On an additional basis, the editor mode of webflow allows site owners to manage large collections of content easily, like case studies, products, blog posts etc. No unnecessary breakage happens thanks to user-friendly elements in Webflow’s CMS.

Moreover, the platform automatically backs up things on the website, which ensures that no one loses the current version of their sites. This feature is also instrumental in helping restore previous versions. Saving various versions helps many change things in the click of a button.

Webflow is stable and trustworthy

There are instances when plugins can cause a lot of frustration, especially for those who are not familiar with plug in enriched website builders. Even those running older sites face issues from them. They usually require updates despite their problem solving nature, and they often require a lot of effort to work properly.

Webflow on the other hand offers all solutions under one umbrella. It gives websites the needed stability, and gives companies reassurance to all issues on the client end. Also, the plugins offered by Webflow are robust and do not malfunction.

Webflow is secure

‍Webflow is functioning in Amazon Web Services (the reason it provides top notch and reliable protection against security threats). It uses SSL encryption (which is the industry standard) and helps lock down data which is not public. Users can access SSL certificates of their websites built using Webflow and it helps make personal data safe from risk.

Another level of security is added via Webflow’s integrated core functionalities (SEO, CMS etc.). Additionally, integrations are allowed only with reputable and credible companies which already have high security standards and protocols. Moreover, Webflow based websites have end to end encryption.

Content management made easy

Webflow helps in making websites having top class design and which are completely responsive. It is also instrumental in helping site maintenance through its user-friendly CMS template. It allows easy updates and publishes articles, blogs, infographics and other relevant content.

Moreover, adding content to the website made on Webflow is easy. It can be done through the collections feature or via on-page editing. Another advantage of Webflow from the client end is that the editor tool helps in website navigation and content editing without any hassles. It does not interfere with the website’s functionality and keeps it running smoothly.

Importing websites is easy

Professionals from a web design company based in Dubai reveal that importing content from clientele’s existing website is important, especially when it comes to Webflow. Luckily, it aids in easy data and content migration, and even helps persevere existing content. It even aids in seamless content migration by saving a considerable amount of time as it averts manual copy pasting techniques.


Regardless of businesses, brands and companies running websites on WordPress, Wix, Weebly or another platform, the advantage Webflow has is that it aids in easy migration without loss of data or content. It helps migration without many barriers and provides everyone the best possible outcomes.

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