What Does Skull Symbol Mean To A Motorcycle Rider?

Skull Symbol

A significant number of humans have worshipped skulls since decades before the invention of the motorcycle. They were depicted in antique paintings and described in ancient texts, and many archaeological excavations prove that they were used in several rituals. A head indicates death, mortality, and decay, which is why its symbol often labels harmful substances. It also means a threat; therefore, pirates traditionally put it on their flag and banner.

Today, motorcyclists wear garments, bandanas, scarves, rings, and other accessories with head designs. So does it mean that they want to raid the cities or call their god of war? Well, nope! There is a certain percentage of disreputable and dishonest motorcyclists, but many bikers preach peace.

They want to race or hang out on long rides with their buddies on a steel horse. Hence, the question remains: What does the skull symbol mean to a motorcycle rider? It becomes apparent that this symbol also has positive meanings, which we will shed light on in this post.

What Does Skull Symbol Mean To A Motorcycle Rider?

Though the skull appears to carry a shady and solemn meaning, it has a severe positive side, which you may not know. So, buckle up, as this is what you will discover now. Let’s learn some famous explanations for this biker symbolism.

To Showcase Your Love For Life And Loved Ones

Innumerable people use the scalp on their patches or other stuff to denote temporality, which is also somewhat valid. However, in contrast to immortality, it also is used to signify the cycle of life, rebirth, and the afterlife. Whenever a person dies, the soul departs, flesh also decomposes, and the only thing that remains are the bones. They silently witness our life on Earth.

Many Mexicans celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) to commemorate their dear departed ones. They participate in several activities to celebrate this day, such as making sugar skulls made from edible ingredients but rarely eaten. Thus, bikers also wear head jewellery and clothing to represent how much life they love and the afterlife is ahead of them.

Denotes Masculinity And Bravery

Individuals wore rings with the head without a jaw during the Elizabethan era (1558–1603) to show their affiliation with the underworld. They were considered part of outlaw motorcycle gangs, gun clubs, or other militant parties.

Members of those groups not only adorned this symbol as a sign of insubordination but also to signify their bravery and toughness. It is also why bikers wear head-themed custom embroidered patches to represent how courageous and resilient they are. Several guys also wear them to show their masculinity, chauvinism, and indomitable spirit.

Devotion To The Bikers Culture

There may be several groups and parties in the biker’s world. Wearing this symbol in a specific design and colour can show your association with and loyalty to a particular comrade or club. Hence, this also symbolizes brotherhood, team play, and commitment to everything the motorcyclist culture embodies.

Everyone Has To Taste Death

Whether you are a beggar or a millionaire, a celebrity or a nobody, you must taste death at some point in your life. Hence, irrespective of who you are, the Grim Reaper will catch you unexpectedly, which shows us that we are all equal in his eyes.

The ideology of the biker’s world overlaps with this thought, as everyone is classified into different ranks, irrespective of who they are in their natural world. But still, every member is treated equally due to the anti-discrimination rule, and they all have the right to vote. Hence, riders adorning their clothing with head-symbolized MC patches also signify that all bikers are equal.

Protection Against Death

Now, here comes an exciting explanation: bikers may not be able to escape death, but they can always delay it. The first way to make it happen is to ride safely. However, you may still require something more potent than the traffic rules and regulations to stay far away from the Grim Reaper.

In some traditions, skull jewellery is believed to be a powerful protection shield from demise. The act of expiration always leaves its mark as a head. Suppose a person is already wearing a symbolic ring or other accessory. Stay guarded because death wouldn’t come again.

This Symbol Is A Memento Mori

It is a fact that no one can escape their fate. No matter how alarmed a biker is while driving, and irrespective of the amulet they wear, they can’t run away from what’s written for them. Hence, the skull-themed ring, pendant, shirt, bandana, scarf, et cetera denote memento mori, a reminder that ‘remember you must die.’ It is a source of remembrance that you can neither hide nor bribe your fate; birth and death are inseparable. So, whatever starts, has to end one day. Hence, we all have to depart from this world sooner or later.

Major Kinds Of Skull Fashion

When it comes to biker fashion, you will explore different kinds of head styling trends. You can choose from them to showcase your loyalty and enthusiasm for the rider’s culture. You can also try out this theme by ordering skull-themed badges from online stores. Some great online badge makers offer motorcycle patches with no minimum so that you can get any number of the emblem. 


Skulls are a never-ending major trend when it comes to jewellery fashion. Based on this theme, you would find chic rings, necklaces, wallet chains, earrings, et cetera. It isn’t just widely styled by authentic bikers; other individuals also love to carry it. This type of jewellery has an immense range of designs, colours, patterns, sizes, etc., customized uniquely for men, women, and children.


There is no need to say that jackets and vests are a prominent part of the biker’s clothing, and heads or crowns are widely visible on them. Along with that, hoodies, shirts, tee shirts, jeans, bandanas, hats, and much more are also based on this theme.


Hence, we described various explanations to demonstrate different meanings of the skull symbol to an enthusiastic motorcyclist. However, what matters more than these meanings is their significance in the hearts of die-hard bikers worldwide. Hence, this was it for the day! Please share your opinion about this post with us in the comments section.