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What Are The Job Opportunities For Someone With An MR Licence?

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An MR licence is a popular heavy vehicle licence that allows drivers to operate medium rigid vehicles. If you are considering obtaining an MR licence, you may be wondering what kind of job opportunities will be available to you. Fortunately, many different roles require an MR licence, from delivery drivers and truck drivers to bus drivers, furniture removalists, construction workers, waste management workers, and airport ground crew. Below in the following paragraphs, we will explore some of the most common job roles that require an MR licence and what kind of work you can expect to do in these positions.

Delivery Driver

One of the most common jobs for someone with a medium rigid licence is that of a delivery driver. This can involve driving a variety of different vehicles, including trucks, vans, and other commercial vehicles. Delivery drivers are responsible for transporting goods and packages from one location to another, often on a tight schedule. Some delivery drivers work for large companies, such as courier services or online retailers, while others may work for smaller businesses or independently.

Truck Driver

Another popular job role for someone with an MR licence is that of a truck driver. This can involve driving a range of different vehicles, from smaller trucks to larger heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). Truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods over long distances, often across state lines or even internationally. They must have a good understanding of road safety, as well as the ability to navigate their way around the country using maps, GPS systems, or other navigation tools.

Bus Driver

Consider becoming a bus driver if you enjoy interacting with others. Bus drivers transport passengers to and from various locations, including schools, airports, and other public transport hubs. They must be able to drive safely and responsibly, ensuring that their passengers arrive at their destination on time and without incident. Bus drivers may work for public transport companies or private businesses, such as tour companies or school transport services.

Furniture Removalist

Another job role that requires mr driving licence is that of a furniture removalist. This involves transporting furniture and other household goods from one location to another, often within the same city or state. Furniture removalists must be physically fit, as the job can be quite physically demanding, involving heavy lifting and carrying. They must also be able to drive safely and efficiently, often navigating narrow streets and busy city centres.

Construction Worker

If you prefer working outside and are considering a career in construction, you may want to consider becoming an MR driver for a construction company. Construction workers are responsible for transporting building materials and equipment to and from construction sites. They must be able to drive safely on rough terrain and in hazardous conditions, as well as be able to operate heavy machinery and other equipment.

Waste Management Worker

Consider becoming an MR driver in the waste management sector if you are concerned about environmental issues. Waste management workers are responsible for collecting, transporting, and disposing of waste products, including household rubbish, industrial waste, and hazardous materials. They must be able to drive safely and responsibly, as well as have a good understanding of waste management regulations and procedures.

Airport Ground Crew

You might want to become an MR driver for an airport ground crew if you like working in a fast-paced atmosphere. Ground crew workers are responsible for transporting passengers and luggage around the airport, as well as loading and unloading aircraft. They must be able to drive safely and efficiently in a busy airport environment, as well as have a good understanding of airport regulations and procedures.


For someone with an MR license, there are numerous employment options. These include everything from bus drivers to furniture movers to construction workers to waste management specialists to airport ground staff. While the skills and abilities required for each of these roles vary, they all provide the chance to work in an environment that is both challenging and rewarding. It’s crucial to examine these various employment possibilities if you’re thinking about getting an MR license to decide which one best fits your skills and interests.

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