Top Entry Litter Box: A Practical and Stylish Choice


When buying a litter box for your little feline friend, consider one with a top entry. These litter boxes have an opening at the top of the litter box rather than the side or the front. Besides being stylish, here are some advantages of having a top-entry design.

Prevents Scatter

A top entry litter box is designed with high walls and an open top, providing an enclosed space for cats to do their business. When cats dig to bury their waste, the litter doesn’t spray out of the box. For example, it’s easy for cats to kick their litter out of the box with front-entry litter boxes. This doesn’t happen with the front-entry designs. These designs are also a perfect solution if your cat is a side pee-er or a vertical pee-er!

Litter boxes with a top-entry design also reduce the height cats can dig. Cats are limited by how much they can dig due to the enclosed space and high walls all around them.

Some cats tend to “litter flip,” which means they deliberately throw their litter out of the box. With the entry located at the top, however, the high walls act as a barrier and minimize their “litter flipping” behavior.

Prevents Dogs From Entering

If you have a household with both dogs and cats, an entry on top can prevent medium and larger dogs from entering your cat’s litter box. Most dogs will be attracted to the smell of your cat’s waste, and with a front entry, your dogs may continuously stick their heads in to smell the litter, causing a mess in the process. A top entry prevents this.

Although small dogs may be able to enter a litter box with a top entry, they are less likely to disturb your cat if the entry is harder to access. In addition, many dogs may be uncomfortable with the dark interior and confined space. This may discourage them further from trying to enter.

Saves Space

Have a small apartment? If space is an issue in your home, then a litter box with a front entry is ideal. The design provides vertical space rather than horizontal space. As a result, your litter box will take up less space in your apartment or your room.

You can also fit your litter box in a tight corner. Using a corner for your litter box frees up the rest of the room for your other belongings. There are even some wall-mounted litter boxes that have a front-entry design.

Provides Privacy for Your Cat

If your cat is timid or shy, an enclosed litter box with a front entry is ideal. Not only does the limited access point prevent other animals from entering, but it also provides your cat with privacy. A top-entry design also reduces visibility, which may put your cat at ease when doing its business.

If you have more than one cat, you may want to have a litter box for each one. Cats may feel anxious about the idea of sharing their litter boxes. Having a top-entry design gives each cat its own private space.

Some cats are also uncomfortable with their litter boxes in high-traffic areas. Having your litter box in a corner with a top entry provides a secluded and more private space. The enclosed space can also help dampen outside noises. This can be especially beneficial with anxious cats.

Reduces Odors

Tired of cat odors? By having a more contained box, a litter box with a top entry can better control your cat’s odors. Odors can easily waft out of more open litter boxes, such as boxes with front-entry designs or boxes with low walls. An enclosed space, however, contains the odors inside. 

Besides containing odors better, the top lid can also prevent airborne particles from escaping the box. You can even find some top-entry designs with a swivel lid, allowing any stray litter to fall back inside the box.


Having a littler box with a top entry is a great choice for many reasons. Besides the above advantages, a top-entry design also better conceals your cat’s waste, making it a more aesthetically pleasing choice.