Top 3 Reasons Why People Dream of Buying a Ferrari

Top 3 Reasons Why People Dream of Buying a Ferrari

When we think about owning a supercar, a flaming red Ferrari is the most wanted one. Apart from the status symbol, there is much more to why people dream of having this car. Even though this masterpiece is expensive, people love to have it. There are many reasons why this car is loved by watch enthusiasts, which you’ll get to know in this article. 

3 reasons that make Ferrari a dream car 

Ferrari is one of those brands that does not need any introduction. Whenever you think about this, a red car with a horse on a bonnet comes to mind. Those who cannot own these cars can opt for a rental option.

Following are a few reasons that make Ferrari a dream car of motorheads. 

  • Speed & performance
  • Design
  • Brand Prestige

Speed & performance

It is very difficult to match the sheer power of Ferrari vehicles. When you select a Ferrari rental in Dubai, you will have all sorts of models available as an option. One of the more popular options being the Ferrari F8 Tributo. It can hit 60 mph speed in just 2.9 seconds. 

Along with its powerful engines, the active aerodynamics multiply the performance of these cars. With easier handling, it can be used for both racing and street driving, allowing impressive driving control over these supercars.


In terms of design, Ferrari vehicles are the most desirable around the globe. The designs of these cars are improved with each model. The shape of these cars is memorable. These cars are designed with a combination of power and drivability. The attention to detail in Ferrari vehicle designs makes them highly sought after. 

Brand Prestige

Ferrari is an Italian sports car company that has been producing supercars since 1947. Enzo Ferrari, who founded this company, was associated with the car racing industry long before then. 

Ferrari automobiles won and competed in major racing competitions such as Mille Miglia, Le Mans, Formula One World Championship, and Man’s 24-Hour race, making this brand well-known in the car racing industry. The successful history associated with Ferrari is another reason that makes it the dream car of car enthusiasts. 

Imagine showing up to a business meeting in a flamboyant Ferrari, now that’s gonna leave a striking impression.

Ferrari models: Top selling

Ferrari has produced more than 50 models as of 2021. Among these models, there are some cars that hold their heads as top-selling cars. The cars that are cheaper are sold more than the expensive ones. Below is a list of top-selling Ferrari models.

  • Ferrari 458 Italia: First Ferrari to feature direct fuel injection
  • Ferrari F40: First road car to exceed 200 mph speed
  • Ferrari GTC4 Lusso: 4-seat car with shooting brake design
  • Ferrari 488: 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine

Is it really worth buying a Ferrari?

Besides being one of the most powerful supercars, Ferrari vehicles are also very expensive. Even if you are lucky enough to buy a Ferrari vehicle, you must do thorough research before you get yourself into buying it. 

Before you buy a Ferrari, you must have a look at the following points that make owning a supercar a poor investment choice. 

  • Depreciation
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Insurance 


The value of cars is depreciated each day. Suppose you have bought a car for AED 100,000, its value after one year will be around AED 70,000 to 80,000 even in its pristine condition. In case of any accident, the value can also drop 50 percent of its original price.

Maintenance Costs

Unlike a regular car, the maintenance cost of a Ferrari is much more expensive. You cannot service these cars from any traditional workshop, and not everyone can maintain them. Only authorized auto workshops can service these cars. 


Other than the maintenance and purchase cost, buying insurance for luxury cars like Ferraris is almost 20% higher than for regular cars. And it can go higher in the case of the most expensive models. 

Why is renting a Ferrari better than owning one?

The costs associated with buying a Ferrari make renting it a better choice.  According to financial experts, investing in luxury cars for personal use is not worth it. But motorheads cannot live without experiencing driving these supercars if they are determined to drive this car. 

Following are a few points that make renting a luxury car better than owning one. 

  • Variety to choose from
  • No maintenance cost
  • Flexibility

Variety to choose from

When you rent a Ferrari for occasions or events, you get a variety of models to choose from. While if you own one, you have to stick with the same model unless you buy a new one. You can experience driving different models every time you need to rent a car.

No maintenance cost

You don’t have to worry about maintenance, just drive the car and return after you are done.  It’s the rental company’s responsibility to maintain their cars for others. 


Whether you are leaving your hotel or landing on a plane, Rental companies can provide the car wherever you want. You can rent these cars worldwide with just a few clicks or a phone call. Returning a car is just as easy as renting it; a driver will pick up the car from your doorstep. 

Final Words:

Renting a Ferrari is better than owning it in all aspects. Buying a new or used one is best for those who want limitless rides of a specific model Ferrari. But for those who want to experience the thrill of a different car, nothing can be better than renting a Ferrari.

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