The Top 5 Desk Stools of 2023

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Did you know that stools, as in the furniture used for sitting, made up a $7.88 billion global market in 2022? By 2031, experts forecast this sector to grow further and reach $9.12 billion. A chief factor driving that growth is the increasing popularity of ergonomic stools. Often used as desk stools, they can provide comfort and support for extended periods of use. But with so many types of desk stools you can choose from, which one should you get this 2023? This guide goes over five of your top options, so read on.

1. Wobble Stool

A wobble stool features a curved base resembling a tiny inverted hill. This rounded base allows you to rock it back and forth or side to side while seated, hence, the term “wobble” in its name. Because it promotes movement while sitting, it classifies as an active seat. Researchers say active seats engage the core, trunk, legs, and brain. In students,¬†these movements and activities can improve their attention, focus, and enjoyment. However, you don’t have to be a student to reap those benefits; as an adult, you can, too! Some wobble desk stool options have flat seating surfaces; others have indented ones. They’re typically height-adjustable, too, allowing them to accommodate most users. Most also have locking mechanisms that let users secure them to a sit-still position.

2. Leaning Stool

A leaning stool is a tall seating option with a mechanism that allows its cylinder and seat to tilt forward. This lets you sit with your hips and torso at a slight angle. It can help keep your back straight instead of slouching, provided you use it correctly. Because of their height, leaning stools are best for use as standing desk chairs. When used this way, it lets you straighten your legs more rather than bending by the knees. This may help reduce pressure on the legs, knees, hips, and back.

3. Balance Ball Stool

A balance ball stool is a clever combination of a yoga ball and a standing desk stool. The seat consists of the half dome of a yoga ball attached to the height-adjustable cylinder. The downward-curving seat of a balance ball stool allows you to make micro-movements. These motions keep you from sitting too still for long periods.

4. Adjustable Saddle Stool

An adjustable saddle stool, as its name suggests, has a seat that resembles a saddle, with a raised front and rear. This design can provide support to the rear and lumbar areas. And since the stool itself is height-adjustable, it can help promote better posture. Some adjustable saddle stools also come with an adjustable back support. The back support encourages proper sitting positions while also tilting backward and forward.

5. Perching Stool

Perching stools let you sit in a perched position. Researchers say perching may improve lumbar posture while working out the lower limbs. As a result, you may feel more comfortable and focused as you study or work. A perching stool lets you “perch” with its sloping surface and adjustable height. Extending it to its highest position can make it seem like you’re standing, but not quite. The seat supports your rear while you straighten your legs.

Invest in These Ergonomic Desk Stools

From wobble to leaning and perching, these are some of the best desk stools for your home or office this 2023. They’re all active seating options, offering ergonomic designs for better posture. So, as early as today, consider investing in one or more of these ergonomic stools! For more related reading, check out our latest furniture-buying guides and ideas.¬†

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