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The Most Popular NFT Artists

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In March of 2021, the NFT artist Beeple sold an NFT-linked digital collage for over $69 million. If the investor who bought the piece sells it later, its value should have increased. Perhaps the investor will sell it for several hundred million. 

You can buy an NFT and sell it later for an inflated price as well. However, not all NFTs become the most expensive NFTs. Generally, pieces from the most famous NFT artists have the highest future price tags. 

So to get the most valuable pieces, you need to know who the most popular NFT artists are. This will take a lot of research. For now, though, you can read on and learn about a few of them. 


Let’s start with the previously mentioned artist, Beeple. This American artist is an animator, digital artist, and graphic designer. He was also one of the earliest artists to embrace NFT culture and had a hand in popularizing it. 

Beeple employs a variety of themes in his artwork. However, he tends to prefer offering social and political criticism through popular media personalities. You can find popular figures like the Mona Lisa and Mark Pence in his works. 

Well-Known Work 

The most well-known NFT work by Beeple is probably Everydays. This is a collage piece that Beeple began on the 1st of May in 2007. On that day and every day after, Beeple made a work of art. 

Beeple continued to do this even on days when it would be most inconvenient. He made art pieces even on his wedding day and the day of his children’s birth. Over time, the collage expanded to include 5,000 pieces.

All that hard work would pay off incredibly. In March of 2021, Beeple sold this 5,000-part collage at Christie’s. The final piece sold for over $69 million. 

Should You Buy? 

Given his place in NFT digital art history, Beeple’s popularity isn’t likely to die down anytime soon. The high price at which he sold his collage is another indication that Beeple’s NFTs are worth the money. Purchase NFTs with Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. from Beeple as soon as you can. 


Pak, originally called Murat Pak, is another artist whom many NFT art investors are familiar with. At least, they’re familiar with his art and digital persona. No one knows who this mysterious artist is irl and many believe he’s many artists disguised as one. 

What NFT art experts do know is that Pak has two decades of tech, coding, design, programming, and digital art production experience. Along with his art, Pak is also known for his search algorithms. This program searches for pictures he can upload on social media sites to function as “mood boards”. 

Well-Known Work 

Much of Pak’s artwork sells for a few million each. So it’s interesting that one of his most well-known pieces, Cloud Monument Dark, only sold for $788 in early 2020. 

Pak is also known for employing a unique marketing technique with 13 of his NFT pieces. He once released a series of 13 NFTs that one could only access for 24 hours. 

Should You Buy? 

Pak is one of the wealthiest and most renowned artists of modern times. You’d be crazy not to try your hand at tracking down and nabbing one of this artist’s pieces. 

Tyler Hobbes 

Tyler Hobbes, also known as Tylerxhobbes, is a Texas-based artist who uses coding and algorithms to create NFT art. He turned to this method after finding that he didn’t connect with more traditional art forms. He instead mixed programming with art and created graphically designed patterns. 

Well-Known Work 

Fidenza is perhaps Hobbs’ most famous NFT collection. The artist created the collection in October of 2021 and sold it for a cool $177 million. 

Another famous collection of his is Incomplete Control. As described by the artist himself, the work comprises “100 unique iterations produced from the same algorithm”. This piece was sold for $7 million before the artist officially dropped it. 

Should You Buy? 

Hobbs isn’t as popular as NFT art giants Pak and Beeple. Despite this, however, his NFTs sell for incredible amounts. Hobbs has sold over 1,000 artworks and all of them have sold at an average of $100,000. So Hobbs’ NFT pieces are NFT pieces worth having. 

Dmitri Cherniak 

Like Hobbs, Dmitri Cherniak is another artist that likes to blend art and technology. He uses programming to create one-of-a-kind pieces in just a few milliseconds. Inspiration for these projects likely happened as a result of the artist loving painting and sketching but getting into math and science later. 

The objective behind such artwork, as Dmitri has said, is to make people enjoy automated artwork as much as they enjoy hand-created artwork. He also wants people to consider automation a real artistic medium. 

Well-Known Work 

Cherniak’s most well-known work is his Ringers collection. This series consists of 1,000 NFTs. Each utilized a different combination to create unique geometric works of art.

Should You Buy? 

This generative artist hasn’t sold as many artworks as many of the other NFT artists. However, he is still one of the highest-grossing artists out there. This is because the average price at which he does sell his artwork is high. 

The highest price he’s ever commanded was for his piece Self Portrait #1. It sold for close to $3 million. If you want to get such a high price from an NFT you resell, check Cherniak out. 

Learn More About NFT Art Here 

Though people like to poke fun at NFT art, they’re here to stay. You can laugh right back at them when your knowledge of great NFT artists nets you millions of dollars. Keep working hard at it and you should eventually make some profits. 

Also, are you interested in learning more about NFTs? If so, look around our site. You’re sure to find many more articles that can teach you how to invest in NFTs.

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