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The Crown Jewels: Exploring the Magical Journeyof Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds

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The Crown Jewels: Exploring the Magical Journey of  Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds

Gemstones have been long believed to captivate the imagination of people. From the alluring hue to the significant symbolism and talisman, these wonders of nature have gone through the realm of many cultures and civilizations. People have admired colored gemstones for many years and have associated them with wealth, love, power, and well-being. The magic behind these gemstones begins with their origin itself. The formation of these stones under the earth’s crust, the arrangement of elements inside the lattice that lends color to the stone, the energy the stone possesses, and everything that describes a gemstone is magical. Gemstones are nature’s wonder. This blog will focus on the magical beauty of the big 3’s. Since the magic begins with forming these gemstones, we will start with the same. 

Origins and Geological Formation

The fascinating journey of the gemstones like Emerald Stone, sapphires, and rubies starts over billion of years. Much geological formation takes place that shapes the gemstone’s beauty and allure. Both ruby and sapphires come from the corundum family. These gemstone formations occur deep inside the earth’s crust under geological conditions such as intense heat and pressure. These gemstones are found in metamorphic rocks (responsible for formation of blue sapphire such as schist, gneiss, and marble and igneous rocks ( responsible for formation of yellow sapphire). 

The crystallization process follows, where minerals are transformed into a crystalline form. Aluminum and oxygen elements come together to form a corundum crystal. The magic begins in the color of the gemstone. Why are rubies red and sapphires blue? The trace elements in the crystal play a role here. For instance, a small amount of chromium elements gives a red color. Simultaneously iron and titanium account for the blue color in sapphires.  

The formation of another precious and captivating gemstone ”emerald stone” begins with the formation of the beryl mineral. Beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen aggregate to form the mineral. Geological conditions also come into play here. The right kind of pressure and temperature creates the mineral. The trace element that gives green color to the stone is chromium. Iron, in small quantities, on the other hand, imparts a yellowish-green color to the green stone. 

Rubies are found in Madagascar, Tanzania, and Mozambique. The premium quality ruby stone is found in the Mogok mines of Myanmar. Blue sapphire deposits are found in Kashmir, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. The deposits of Emerald stone come from Colombia, Zambia, Madagascar, Brazil, and more.

The Allure of Rubies and Sapphires 

Understanding the formation and origin of gemstones is essential as their natural beauty fascinates us with their charm and elegance in every jewelry design we look for. The mesmerizing beauty of rubies and sapphires is unmatched in all respect. The red hue of ruby stone holds a significant value in history. The stone’s mystical magic relates to a solid association with the blood as both shares the same color. Concerning the color, in Burmese culture, the stone was inserted in the flesh of the soldiers. This was done to protect them from wounds during wartime. 

The blue sapphire stone was believed to be the stone of heaven as the color reflected that of the sky. As both these gemstones unravel their importance since time immemorial, it is understandable why they are famous now. The Sunrise ruby is one of many such rubies that has left a mark on history. This Burma ruby exhibits the finest hue with its exceptional size, making it grab a place in the world records. Blue sapphires are known for their vibrant blue hue. The Blue Belle of Asia is the most expensive blue sapphire gemstone from Sri Lanka. The excellent clarity and vivid blue color define the value of this gemstone, making it a treasure for history. 

Emeralds: The Green Elegance 

Emerald stone, the May birthstone, signifies rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings. The stunning green color of the stone is its defining feature. One historical connection that popularizes this stone is that of Cleopatra. The queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, was fond of emeralds. She used to adorn her palace and adornments with these green-colored stones. Worn as talismans, these stones were believed to have magical powers. For instance, predicting future events was one such valuable power that was thought to be exhibited by the stone. 

Inclusions in emerald stone are typical characteristics that need to be mentioned here (Of course, it’s indeed a magical creation of mother nature). The ”jardin” or ”garden ”-like inclusions inside the stone is unique as they feature a moss-like structure. Other than this, three-phase inclusions are a common type of inclusion for Colombian emeralds (the quality emeralds). These inclusions are natural to the stone, and the stone’s clarity can be enhanced with heat treatment.  

Value and Rarity 

The value of gemstones is often related to the unique property they feature. Unique property here relates to vivid color, exceptional quality, clarity and availability. For instance, Burma rubies are amongst the best ruby stone, and their value in terms of price is higher than others. These stones’ pigeon blood red hue is rare, lending it a high price. With their timeless appeal, blue sapphire are priced as per the type of sapphire and its saturated hue. Sapphires from Sri Lanka are prized for their clarity and saturated hue. The Colombian and Zambian emeralds are of the finest quality. Colombian emerald stone are expensive owing to the classic green color features. Apart from this, these gemstones are generally untreated and showcase fewer inclusions.

To conclude, nature preserves abundant minerals. After going through various geological conditions like high temperature and pressure, these minerals form the gemstones that have still managed to captivate the hearts and minds of people with their natural allure. These gemstones’ magic lies in their vibrant hue, their mystical properties and internal characteristics that have amused people worldwide. At Navratan, we offer a vast collection of these magical gemstones. To buy a gemstone online, one can trust Navratan for natural certified gemstones.   

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