Simple Mehndi Design for Front & Back Hand

This article brings a lot of information about the various Simple Mehndi design and patterns to make this season really impressive. Asian culture is not complete without Mehndi. Along with the beautification of the body, Mehndi plays an important role in terms of the best jewelry.

Easy Lines
Easy Lines

It is as good as a puzzle to choose the best Mehendi design for you in this festive season. But did you also know that mehndi has now become a part of many other cultures as well. In Western cultures, henna has been a huge trend and many fusion trends have also emerged. However, there is nothing to worry about because now you have come across this article about various types of Mehndi designs that are out there.

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Various Mehndi designs and styles are incorporated below that declares your taste and preference. So take a look below.

Different Types of Mehndi Designs

mini hearts
mini hearts

Mehndi culture is of great importance in Asia and is really impressive due to its cordial and sentimental value. This Mehndi artwork is appreciated all over the world due to its extraordinary weight in the Orient. Various simple Mehndi design are created at this location. Wonderful patterns are available in the list to choose the best one for you. You just have to check it one by one.

Fun Fact : Mehndi is claimed to be the originality of Egypt. And was brought to Subcontinent by businessmen for business purposes. The queens of Egypt were very fond of Mehndi for ornamental purposes. Such as dyeing their hair in different styles and polishing their nails naturally. Actually, they were trendy in their fashion sense.

Indian Simple Mehndi Design


There is no comparison when it comes to the beauty and styles of Mehndi designs. Indian simple Mehndi design and patterns are not only detailed but also compressed. The elaboration of these designs is so fine that each line or point of the design has some meaning.

Artworks of Mehndi styles and patterns are prevalent. Throughout fabulous festive celebrations like Deepawali and Karva Chauth. Indian Mehndi designs are motivated by love for creation and feelings for nature.

one finger style

Indian Wedding Mehandi designs incorporate photographs and images of birds and animals, the sun, Kalash, sketches of the bride and groom. The numerous conventional and popularly seen simple Mehndi designs in India make up the stuff of beautiful Indians. To specify the various occasions and celebrations in India. Indian Mehndi designs offer extravagant styles for all ages. You can cover individual traces on the back and front of the arms or full practice coverage on both fronts.

Bridal mehndi in vogue Indian mehndi decorates the hands with dholkis, palkis, groom artwork, mandap, Kalash. And several different auspicious artworks portraying a marriage function while the non-bridal has much more to contribute. Non-bridal figure patterns are more in command for apparent reasons. And consist of a stash of styling options from a particular ‘bel’/trail to the design on one side of the hand, a small mehndi artwork. Remarkably massive full hand mehndi styles.

Different varieties of simple Mehendi design such as paisleys, florals, checks, polka dots, hidden names and other objects of mythical importance.

Pakistani Mehendi Design

Arab Henna Front

Since Pakistan and India were once the same society. Therefore, it is obvious that their Mehendi designs are sure to be similar in type. Despite this, Pakistani Mehendi design replaced traditional Hindu components. Such as bride, groom and Kalash with figures of domes, flowers and leaves. Mandala patterns are also adopted by Pakistani simple Mehndi design as captures Indian Mehendi artworks but not to the extent of Indians.

Also, these designs did not remain aloof from Arabic Mehendi designs and patterns. It is one of the most popular traditional Mehandi designs. Pakistani mehndi patterns may look very similar to the Indian Mehandi design. But it has many unique patterns that are unique to the design.

Western Simple Mehndi Design

semi hard pattern
semi hard pattern

For Western society, Mehandi is a fascinating appreciation and also a source of creativity. So that is why the admiration of the western world. For the sensational Indian Mehendi created the concept of henna tattoos in their respective areas in the west.

In addition to treating Mehndi as a henna tattoo concept, the eager western world has also adapted to this course. They are not traditional for Mehendi use on the palm of the hand or other part of the body. But it is just for the feeling of cool tattoos temporarily. Their simple Mehndi design patterns comprise geometric sketches, twirls, extravagant frames, and elegant designs of Western society. In order to show the Mehendi pattern as ornaments worn by the person large spaces are provided in the Mehendi designs.

zigzag heart
zigzag heart

Western Mehandi patterns have a big difference from their counterpart designs. Emphasizing geometric frames, extravagant embellishments and usually counterfeit hand jewelry. For example, Mehandi bracelet, Mehandi chandelier and other modern Mehandi patterns.

Indo Western design

heart circles
heart circles

Another fusion in the art of Mehndi. This is not a charge, but a welcome decision as far as the culture of different societies is concerned. Indo western Mehndi design is a mix of east and west. These styles of simple mehndi design are commonly applied as a style statement just like western mehndi. And so far it has no relation to traditional mehndi designs. These mehndi designs has a lot of gaps between the designs and aims for modernized designs and classic Indian designs.

Finle Words

Today I have placed some well-researched images simple Mehndi design for front & back hand. While sectinh the designs I put my great care and attention. If you like my effort please share this post with your dears on Facebook and Twitter.