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40 Best Henna Design 2021

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Henna Design

Look at these beautiful 50 Best Henna Design 2021. Hope you have never seen Henna designs collection like this before.

Henna Tattoo Design

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Easy Henna Design

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Henna Simple

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Latest Henna Design

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Henna Finger Design

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Henna Hand Design

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Henna Flower Design

Henna Design Simple

Henna is kind of herbal plant. That is mostly grown in subcontent. However, the cultivation of Henna also carried out in Africa and some European countries.

Henna Design Tangan
Henna Design Tangan

There are various use of Henna from hair dye to body art. The herbal use of Henna is also on peak in some countries specially in India.

Henna Tangan
Henna Tangan

The henna paste is also used to enhance cooling of feet and hands in sumer season. But we are going to discuss about henna designs (نقش حناء). Then I will also emphasize on different types and patterns of Henna Design. The region wise detail of gambar henna tangan is given bellow.

Henna Design 2021

Henna Simple Terbaru
Henna Simple Terbaru

In india the Henna is called Mehndi. Subsequently, the henna design are called mehandi design. The country is full of customs and cultures. Therefore, the henna or mehndi is essential on many occasions. Specially on Diwali festival and and wedding parties, henna designs are essential.


There are many varieties in Indian Henna Designs. However, the south indian mehendi designs are very famous. Whereas, Mandala, motif, rose and bail mehndi design are also popular.

Gambar Henna Simple dan mudah ditiru
Gambar Henna Simple dan mudah ditiru

Indian girls are very fond of mehndi designs. The interest level of the topic remain high during the whole year. However, on specific occasiona like Eid and Diwali it raise further. The trend of simple Henna design 2021 is highly developing among kids. Therefore, kids mehndi design is also a hot topic these days. These designs has a great resemblance with gambar henna simple collection.

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Arabic Henna Designs

نقش حناء
نقش حناء

There is no history regarding start of Henna Mehndi Designs. The Indians take credit that first mehndi design was invented in India. Whereas, according to the Arabs, Henna design is the product of Arab culture. However, it is controversial debate and we can not give credit of mehandi designs to any country or region.


Like Asia, the Arab countries also have a great trend of Henna Design 2021. In this section I will show you some best Arabic Henna Designs ( حناء نقشات).

Easy Henna Design (نقش حنا ناعم)

نقش حناء ناعم
نقش حناء ناعم

Arab women and girls loves to draw henna design their selves. In this regard Arab women always remain in search of Easy Henna Designs (نقش حنا ناعم).


The arabic easy designs of Henna are mostly vine style. These kinds of Henna Desain mostly spread all over the hand and also covers some part of arm. The Arabians like henna in many colors. But brown and black henna are the most favorite for them. Therefor keeping the demand in view I am placing here some nice kind of Henna Easy Design (نقشات حناء ناعم).

Henna Simple (نقش حناء بسیط)

نقش حناء بسیط
نقش حناء بسیط

The business of Henna bars is on the peak in Middle east. If you have some kind of knowledge about Gambar Henna Simple. Then you should consider about it. Countries like UAE, Oman and KSA has a great potential for this business.

Henna Simple Design
Henna Simple Design

One the eve of Eid and wedding season you can earn good amount of money. However, you must have enough knowledge about simple henna design (نقش حناء بسیط). So you can produce beautiful type of Henna Patterns.

Indonesian Gambar Henna Simple

Gambar Henna Simple
Gambar Henna Simple

Indonesia is a muslim country having about 250 million of population. The country is situated in South East Asia. It is very famous for tourism and Hijabi Muslim girls.


But in this part I am going to specially show you Gambar Henna Simple collection. Like people of other muslim countries Indonesians are also very fond of mehndi desains. There are many varieties of Indonesian Hena design. Howevr I am giving you some touch about few popular types of Gambar Henna.

Henna Tangan


As we know that 95% of henna designs are applied on hands. Therefore in Indonesia the Henna Tangan are very popular. There are many types and virites in this specific field. However, the most designs of gambar henna are copy or replicate of Sodani Henna Designs.


You can find Bridal mehndi design for hand. Also you can see full mehndi design varieties in this section. In the nut shell you find many types of Tangan Henna Desains here.

Henna Pengantin

Henna Pengantin
Henna Pengantin

You will never see a bride who does not want to look beautiful on her wedding. Every bride of the world desires to become beautiful on her wedding day. For this purpose she avail manicure and pedicure service for many days. Also she acquire costy cosmetics from market for that special day.


For Asian brides henna design 2021 have an important place. As henna is a symbol of fortune in many cultures of Asia continent. Thus the grooms from these countries never like a plain hand and feet of her life partner. Here I am giving you some ideas about Henna Pengantin. By seeing this Gambar Henna Simple you have better choice for your wedding day.

Henna Kaki

Gambar Henna Kaki
Gambar Henna Kaki

You have definitely saw foot mehndi or henna design. Here I am placing some famous Henna Kaki for you.


Think about a beautiful girl with feet without Henna. Although she will be a pretty girl. But if she apply henna simple on it, then what? Definitely she will be looking more prettier now. Because the henna pattern enhance the outer beauty of any girl really nicely.


Keeping this thing in mind I have decided to place here some gambar Henna Kaki. I hope this will be nice collection for you. And it will definitely give you a new idea for Gambar Henna Simple collection. I have also compiled an wholesome album about Foot Mehndi Design. Where you can find awesome foot henna design ideas for yourself.

Western Gambar Henna Simple


Now I am taking you to some developed countries like USA, UK and Germany etc. Where henna styles are taking place in modern fashion. We know that Henna designs are the products of Asia and Middle East. However, the Asian people living in develped countries which I have mentioned earlier, introduced this culture in those cuntries.


Now Henna bars are being opened in these countries to meet the requirement of local community. Offten People ask me to share some new kind of western henna designs. Therefore, tody I am going to take you to the new era of mehndi designs. Here I will show you different types of Henna Simple designs. Which are currently being used in these countries.

Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo made on woman shoulder
Henna Tattoo

People of Western world are very fond of Tattoo art. They loves to draw different types of tattoos on their body. However, it is not an easy task for everyone. Because It is very costly and painful task. You have a good amount of money and time to make tattoos on your body part.


On the other hand you have no option of mind change. If you draw tattoo once on your body it will be a permanent. So you can not get rid of it if you experience your mind change in future.


Therefore, now people are going for other cheaper option. That is a Henna Tattoo option. There are many positive sides of Henna tattoo design. For example it is painless job, and you can avail it in little money than a traditional tattoo. On the other hand it has not any kind of side effect. Whereas, a tattoo made with henna removed automatically in few weeks. So you can enjoy many tattoo designs for every function and party.

White Henna

White Henna applied on women hands
White Henna Design

The culure of white henna is raising heavily in Western world alongwith Arab countries. The ladies loves to draw White Henna Designs. Instead of using traditional mehndi or Henna. However, the patterns used in white henna are same like the traditional mehndi designs. However, mostly these designs are made with thin curved lines, instead of using bold dots, lines and roses.


The famous personalities of the world, loves to draw white henna patterns. Specially the famous singer Madonna and Rihana are very fond of White henna. You can avail white Henna cone easily from market. However, if you do not find the product. Then you can avail the option of online purchasing for this purpose you can use Amazon. This platform has a great varieties of white henna cones. You can also choose other reliable brands of henna from here.

Closing Henna Designs

I hope you have find lot of beautiful Henna Design 2021 in this chapter. As I have placed only quality Gambar Henna Simple designs.


I tried to inclued every essence of Henna from each corner of the world. You can see all varieties of Henna art like Indian, Arabic, Western and Eastern styles. However, I do not know that how much this chapter has inspired you. Because everyone has their own choice.


You can contact me using Anmol Ideas official facebook and twitter pages. And give me your suggestion or any type of Idea. So I can include your choice of designs in my upcoming mehndi chapters.

If you like my effort. Then please share this article with your friends on social media. So many people can get advantage from it.

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