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Signs You Need Debt Consolidation And The Truth About Ascend Finance Scam: A Comprehensive Guide

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Consumers utilize Debt Consolidation to consolidate multiple small loans into one large loan to pay off a single minor debt. By doing this, they reduce the cost of the modest amount they owe, including finance charges and interest. Instead of paying many creditors, the borrower would now only need to make one payment.

Debt connection can apply to obligations that are not secured by the property. Examples of relaxed loans that fall under debt consolidation include education loans, credit card debt, and specific loans. For many people, debt consolidation is a ray of hope, especially for those who are paying the minimum payment on their credit cards every month, and still owing to huge interest rates. 

Choose your debt settlement lender wisely. Make sure you verify the legitimacy of their claims. Search the net for reviews and reports of companies. Fox Chronicle is an excellent online resource to evaluate the credibility of leading service providers. Don’t forget to read the column on Ascend Finance, where Mac Venucci has categorically analyzed the scam changes against the company.

When to Consolidate Debt?

Paying several bills is too much for an individual. Different bills have different due dates and paying off bills the entire month is frustrating. Here are some solid reasons to consolidate all debts –

Short of Money 

The annual payments on numerous loans with high-interest rates can mount up quickly. Many customers say they run out of money each month when it’s time to pay their bills. However, if you see that your paycheck is paid in full before it arrives, it’s time to think about debt consolidation.

High-Interest Rate with Each Debt 

When you have numerous payments to make and can only afford to pay the minimum balance each month, high-interest rates can make it difficult for you to become debt-free in the long run. You are just accruing more and more interest charges each month because the little payment only covers the amount due and the small amount of interest and not the principal. One significant benefit of debt consolidation is the reduced interest rate, which could ultimately save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

One Due Date 

It can seem frustrating when you have so many bills to pay each month. It’s a challenge in and of itself to pay them all on time each month, and missed payments affect your credit score. However, if you find that you are missing one or more payments, it’s time to consolidate your unpaid debt into a single, convenient payment. You will have just one due date to remember, saving your life from late fees and extra charges.

Good Credit Score 

When you keep track of your payments, and make regular payments under one interest rate, you tend to improve your credit score. Debt consolidating with a good credit score also provides lower interest rates. This low-interest rate helps in paying off debt faster. 

Debt Consolidation is the best way to get rid of all debts quickly. Instead of paying several bills, consolidate debt and pay extra whenever you have some funds left. 

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