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Put Luck on Your Side: 9 Symbols of Good Luck From Across the World

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When you want to win a coin toss or feel lucky for a moment, what do you do? Do you cross your fingers? Do you start rubbing a pendant that is gorgeously displayed around your neck?

These are some of the top symbols of good luck when we need faith to pick ourselves up.

Lucky charms and good luck symbols can give us the hope and warmth we need, especially if we want to live a life full of positivity and happiness. Here is everything you should know about the 9 best good luck symbols.

What Are Symbols of Good Luck?

If you want to attract a lot of luck into your life, you should find some good luck symbols. These objects attract strong and positive energies your way so that good things will happen.

Your good luck symbol may also offer protection from negative vibes. They can also say a lot about a person as a fashion statement. Even though many people share the same good luck symbols, they are still an excellent way of expressing ourselves and our desires.

We can also use our good luck symbols in decorations or jewelry and clothes to be more stylish than ever. If you want an accessory that will make you feel protected and ready to face the world, you should pick out a good luck charm that resonates most with you.

Then you can wear this whenever you need motivation to try new things or the push to seize every opportunity.

1. Elephant

Many people do not realize how lucky the elephant can be. It is one of Thailand and India’s most powerful good luck charms. The symbol represents power, strength, stability, and wisdom.

Thanks to its incredible power, the elephant good luck harm is popular with many Asian businesses. You may have seen elephant decorations at companies or even peoples homes.

2. Keys

Who does not carry around a pair of keys in their pocket? Keys symbolize good luck, and they go back to the ancient Greeks. The ancient Greeks described them as the Key of Life.

This gave people a lot of power that helped many prayers reach their gods. Your keys can also symbolize freedom and good fortune.

These are extremely popular as lucky charms because you can fit a pair of keys into any outfit or style.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo is also one of Asia’s most powerful symbols of good luck. Everyone is so obsessed with bamboo that they are the fastest-growing plant that can be used for practically anything.

People can use their bamboo to sit on, for food, shelter, and some decorations for their housewarming party. Bamboo has numerous uses globally, and it can uplift people and make them feel tall.

The next time you are down, get your hands on a good luck charm and see the difference it makes in your health and well-being.

4. Acorn

Acorns are popular symbols of good luck that hail from England. When the English soldiers carried acorns with them during the Norman Conquest, they believed that the acorns protected them from death and injury.

People in the United Kingdom then made acorns their official good luck charm to honor their history.

Since acorns are also like oak trees, they represent growth. Nowadays, many prefer to see acorns as a symbol of new life and fertility rather than protection during war.

5. Four-Leaf Clover

Clovers are the most cherished and sought-after good luck symbols in the world. They originate from Ireland, and nothing can beat the luck of the Irish.

They have four sides representing hope, faith, love, and luck. Many people also believe the clover is extra lucky because the four sides represent all sides of the cross.

There is also a lot of speculation where people believe that clover is only lucky on the day you find it. It is worth buying some clovers as good luck charms to see where life takes you. Check out this site for clover jewelry.

6. Horseshoe

The horseshoe is a lucky symbol from Western Europe. Back in the day, horseshoes were made from iron, and many people believed it was a strong enough metal to ward off evil.

There is also a myth that witches feared horses, so horseshoes kept them away. If you want to invite durability and strength into your home, why not hang a beautiful horseshoe on the wall?

There is also no right way to hang a horseshoe. You can keep it upside down or the other way around. The choice is yours to discover how lucky a horseshoe can be.

7. Ladybugs

Ladybugs have gotten all their lucky reputation from farming. This is because ladybugs are responsible for eating aphids, which are pests that destroy crops.

When farmers were worried about their crops getting attacked, they would consider themselves lucky if they saw a ladybug. This meant that they had a chance to harvest their crops.

In America, many people also believe that having a ladybug land on you is lucky. So, if you see a ladybug soon, you should be ready for some good stuff coming into your life.

8. Coins

Coins are also good luck symbols, even if we exchange them daily. Different countries also have their own versions of lucky coins. The luckiest coin in the world is The Silver Sixpence, found in Great Britain.

Brides wear this coin on their shoes because it brings a lot of good luck during a wedding. It also gets stuffed inside a Christmas Pudding to welcome a lucky new year.

Then you also have The Lucky Irish Penny. This comes from Ireland, representing growth, agriculture, and good fortune.

9. Wishbone

Finally, the wishbone is our 9th good luck symbol. You must get the bigger half when you snap a wishbone with another person and make a wish. Then it means that your wish will come true, and you will have abundant luck.

Buy Some Lucky Charms Today

Now that you know the worlds best symbols of good luck, it is time to research each one individually to find out which one you resonate with the most.

All these symbols can be used in jewelry or outfits to boost your style. The best part is that you will always feel protected no matter where you go because you will always have the most luck on your side.

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