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Which Is The Best Option; Phone Repair Or Buying a New One?

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Whether it’s defective software or a cracked screen, the big question is: should you go for a phone repair or get a shiny new one? 

We cannot imagine our lives without smartphones because they have become an integral part of our life. But they can also be expensive. So, it can be a tough call when your beloved device starts acting up, and those new models lure you in with their fancy features. Don’t worry. We will help you weigh the pros and cons of repair versus replacement and give you insight into the best phone repairs in Brentwood.

Which Is More Pocket-Friendly; Phone Repair Or Replacement? 

If the cost of repairing your phone is half or more of the price of a new one, consider getting yourself a brand-new device. 

How Old Is Your Phone?

On average, a phone lasts about 3 years. But if you’ve been following preventive tips to increase its life, you might squeeze more out of it. If your smartphone is already on the vintage side and malfunctioning, putting cash out of your pocket for a cell phone repair might not be the wisest investment. However, if your phone is still relatively young and sprightly, fixing it up is worth considering.

Does Warranty Cover Your Phone?

If your phone is not working well, you will want to discover that the warranty still covers it. If it is, you might be in luck. You can get a free or low-price repair. 

When Is The Time To Repair Your Cell Phone?

Here are a few situations where repairing your phone is undoubtedly the way to go. Here we go:

Battery Drainage Issue 

One simple and affordable fix is to replace your phone’s battery to keep it safe from replacement. Depending on your device, it’ll set you back in less budget, but it’ll breathe new life into your trusty companion.

Callers Can’t Hear You

Are your friends and family constantly complaining that they can’t hear you during your calls? Your connection is perfectly fine! In that case, you might have a busted microphone on your hands. Professional iPhone repairers can point out the issue and tell you how much it costs. You’ll be back to chatting away in no time.

No Storage Space In Your Cell Phone

This one’s a simple fix and the best part? It’s free! If you’re constantly getting notifications on your smartphone, try deleting unnecessary videos, photos, or apps. It’ll do wonders for your phone’s storage space, and you’ll be back to snapping selfies and downloading cat videos in no time.

What’s The Environmental Impact of Repairing Your Phone?

Restoring your older devices is a smart choice for your wallet and a sustainable one. Buying new phones every year takes a toll on our planet. The manufacturing process alone requires vast components, fossil fuels, and electricity. It’s not exactly the most eco-friendly endeavor.

In fact, if we held onto our phones for just one year longer on average, we could reduce emissions. So repairing our phones is a small step we can take to make a big impact on the environment.

When To Replace Your Smartphone?

Restoring your phone isn’t always the answer. Sometimes it’s best to bid farewell to your smartphone and welcome a new one into your life. Here are a couple of scenarios where it’s time to say your goodbyes:

Phone Arbitrarily Closes Down

If your phone has developed a habit of rebooting or shutting down unexpectedly, even when fully charged, it’s a sign that it’s worn out and ready for retirement. But before you make the final call, double-check that it’s not due to malware. 

Phone Isn’t Like The LOS

If your phone isn’t compatible with the latest operating system updates, it means you won’t benefit from crucial security fixes and exciting app updates. In this case, it’s time to get a shiny new device to keep up with the times.

Still Unsure? We’ve Got Your Back!

Whether you repair or replace, it’s all about finding the best solution that fits your needs, budget, and values. Regarding phone repairs, you want to choose a company with stellar online reviews that uses high-quality parts and offers a service warranty.

If you’re still on the fence and want to repair your old phone, we know the professionals in cell phone or iPhone repair in Brentwood. Look no further than MRT World

Their certified experts are top-notch and figure out what’s troubling your phone. They are masters in fixing all smartphones. And the cherry on top? They’ll use only the best parts and equipment provided by the manufacturers. They mostly repair in very less time so that you can use your device soon. MRT World; a trusted tech expert and reliable phone repair shop in Brentwood

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