Penalties and Punishments for individuals who Protect Delinquent Minors?


The UAE has introduced a new law, Federal Law in 2022. Under Federal law, more restrictions and penalties are imposed on individuals.  Strict charges are imposed on individuals who protect or harbor delinquent minors. Ras Al Khaimah Police recently issued a reminder about Article 41 of this law. Further, they have also explained its implications. The law specifically addresses minors who are involved in delinquent behavior or are at risk of such behavior. It particularly outlines the consequences of sheltering a delinquent minor against a court ruling. It also highlights the repercussions of encouraging the minor to commit a violation.

To further illustrate the law, the police provided an example: In case, if a minor goes missing from their home and someone is found to have been with them or helped them violate a court ruling, that person can face strict repercussions. They may face imprisonment along with a minimum fine of Dh 50,000. In simple terms, this means that if someone knowingly assists a delinquent minor or supports their actions in defiance of a court order, they can be held accountable under this law. 

The intention is to discourage any wrongful actions. It enables or contributes to juvenile delinquency. It creates a stricter environment for those who support such criminal activities. Individuals must understand the seriousness of this law. Furthermore, the potential consequences it carries. Protecting delinquent minors or aiding them in violating court rulings can result in significant penalties. This may include imprisonment and substantial fines.

The UAE authorities are taking a strong stance on addressing juvenile delinquency. The aim is to protect the well-being and safety of minors. By enforcing this law, they seek to deter individuals from engaging in such activities that may lead to the exploitation or harm of vulnerable young individuals. Everyone should familiarize themselves with the provisions of this law. This will ensure compliance to avoid any legal complications. In case of any doubts or concerns, seek legal advice. 

It will be a great help from a professional who specializes in UAE laws. Besides, they can provide further Legal guidance and clarity in the matter. Ultimately, by promoting a safe and secure environment for minors, the UAE is working towards safeguarding their rights. However, it will ensure their proper development within society.

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