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Park View City Hills Estate Payment Plan Details

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All potential investors are interested in the payment plan specifics for the Park View Hills Estate Block. In addition, investors may take advantage of a slew of other perks and bonuses, making this the most appealing investment option in the area. In addition, the Park View Hill Estate Payment Plan includes an installment option that makes it easy on the wallet. All of the pricing information is displayed in the article. So, read on to learn about the various options for making a payment.

Park View Hill Estate

The Park View City Hills Estate Block is well-known among Park View City many illustrious neighborhoods. In addition, all investors and future inhabitants will have easy access to beautiful vistas. In addition, those who live in the steep hills nearby will have access to breathtaking vistas. 

The crucial point is that the reasonable payment schedule is reassuring to all investors. Park View City J Block, like Park View Hill Estate, offers convenient payment options such quarterly installments. In addition, the easy access helps potential investors feel more comfortable with long-term commitments to the area. In the blog, we discuss the remainder of the Park View Hill Estate Payment Plan. 

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has granted the NOC for the housing development. Moreover, while developing an asset in a residential area, legality is of paramount importance. Despite of how much information you have, you should still consult an expert.

Specifics on costs

Investors can get a sense of the community’s investment possibilities from the detailed pricing and other specs provided by the developers. More so, the Park View City Hill estate block offers two different sized properties. And the details, including cost and features, are listed here.

Cost of a 5-Marla Plot

Here are the details about these 5 Marla plots: 

  • The asking price for this 5 marla property is Pakistani Rupees Eight Million.
  • A sum of PKR 2,000,000/- is required as a deposit.
  • The remaining property balance is Rs. 6,000,000/-.
  • The price of a 10 marla plot will be paid in six equal quarterly instalments of PKR 1,000,000.
  • These terms are exclusive to the ten Marla plot.
  • The full price of the 10-Marla property is PKR 15,000,000/-, with a PKR 3,750,000/- down payment.
  • Twenty marlas will cost a total of PKR 11,250,000/- on the balance sheet.
  • There will be six quarterly payments of 1,875,000/-
  • Putting money into low-cost housing projects has several positive outcomes.
  • The local investment opportunity that prioritizes sustainability offers several advantages. In addition, these are merits that no investor can afford to overlook.

A lot of money being put in

The granted NOC status helps prospective investors to make sustainable investments. Additionally, investment rates are higher for the NOC-approved housing project compared to the non-approved projects. The best element of the high investment rates, notably in the Park View City H Block, is that they boost the trust and confidence among the investors in making lasting investments in the residential community.

Rapid Growth Rate

With a rise in investment, construction in the area will also pick up speed. The best feature is that the residential community has the approved NOC status and excellent investment rates. Additionally, the block represents the premier local investment opportunity. In addition, the block development status will soon be finished, making this the ideal time to take advantage of the investment opportunity. Finally, please browse the site or call our professional real estate consultants for information regarding your individual investment.

Excellent Rate of Return (ROI)

The investment in NOC-approved housing projects usually gives excellent financial returns. In addition, the builders have designed a complex with all the modern conveniences. Many investors are motivated by the rapid rate of growth to find the greatest investment opportunities in the area. Therefore, all potential investors can expect enormous profits on their investment.


The Park View Hill estate payment plan has been anticipated by all investors for quite some time. In addition, the pricing structure suggests that people of varying financial means would be able to take advantage of this excellent investment opportunity in the neighborhood. Because of the NOC certification, investors may be assured that this investment is lawful, which is an important consideration when making long-term investments. Investors seeking a perfect investment opportunity in close proximity to the twin cities will find a wealth of amenities and services waiting for them. Finally, Estate Land Marketing offers the most recent information on all available investments. Consequently, keep checking their site.

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