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New Content Week for GTA V Online

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Since its release well over a decade ago, Rockstar have worked hard to ensure that GTA Online is always packed with brand new content. It keeps players interested and, of course, spending their money.

Their latest new content week has just been announced, with tons of new content landing between 29th February and 6th March 2024. Here’s some of what you can expect.

New Community Series Jobs

7 new community series jobs will be up for playing this week, with our favorite being the DELUXO POOL TABLE job, where you’ll be driving around a rather large pool table. It is unique. Somebody looking for something unique, but different, may also want to check out the Pinky Banger Race community job.

There’s some good stuff coming this week, and with triple money and RP available on all community maps, you’ll want to check them out.

Podium Vehicle

The podium vehicle in the casino this week is the Vapid Flash GT, which is one of our favorite vehicles in the game. If you are lucky enough to win this GTA 5 vehicle from the podium, you’ll have saved $1,675,000 in comparison to buying it from Legendary Motorsport. Since you have 7 chances to win throughout this community week, why not go and spin the GTA V wheel in the casino and see what happens?

GTA Online Weekly Challenge

Win 2 races this week, and you’ll get $100,000 in GTA money. It is pretty easy to do too, since you can run solo races and you are guaranteed to win those. You don’t even need to have luck on your side when you are running the weekly challenge this time!


Want to quickly stack up your RP and cash in game? Well, there are plenty of bonuses to look forward to here:

  • 3x GTA cash and RP on all community series jobs (from the 7 focus jobs)
  • Double on Drift Races
  • Double on Drag Races
  • Double on all Rockstar Land Races (not community maps)
  • Double on all Issi Classic Races
  • Double Car Meet Reputation

So, if you enjoy racing, then this really is going to be your week for quickly ranking up your cash and your RP, hopefully unlocking some newer parts of the game for yourself.

New to GTA V?

Much of what is included in this community week should be accessible to newer players, although you may find yourself locked out of some of the jobs that can deliver some big bonuses to your GTA modded account. If you want to jump into the action right away, then why not get a GTA account for sale from us here at U7Buy.com? It is an affordable (and quick) way to make the most out of GTA V online and experience everything the game offers.

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