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Myths about Mountain Biking Debunked

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Mountain biking is an interesting sport. It makes your adrenaline pump and makes the wind gush on your face. Mountain bikers swear by MTB riding as a meditative escape, fostering mental well-being and stress relief. The cycle riding experience Involves travel to picturesque locations, turning rides into vacations. However, certain myths are associated with mountain biking that we are here to debunk. 

1) Learn to ride on a hardtail

When you first start riding a mountain bike, it can be uncomfortable. When learning to ride, a beginner may sense anxiety or dread, yet seasoned riders may recognize novel and unusual feelings that beginners miss. Riding a hardtail for the first time might be disorienting.

The rider hasn’t mastered absorbing the impact of the bike, so it keeps slamming them in the crotch. Despite the arguments we have heard, this puts the cart before the horse regarding what hardtails can teach a novice rider. The goal of a first ride is to pique new riders’ interest and ignite their passion for the sport, but they also need to have fun.

2) You shouldn’t use your front brake

You can use the rear brake alone to slow down. It could be wiser to start slowly and rehearse on less demanding terrain. The front brake gives you much more stopping strength and control when you safely slow down.

When using forceful rear braking, the car may skid and lose traction, resulting in a large wipeout. Slamming the front brake can potentially cause the dreaded “over the bars” disaster. Take a step back and consider things from a different perspective.

The rider must know how to operate the levers properly. When you first start, you should continuously check your speed by tapping the brakes. In this manner, you avoid breaking too quickly and ending up in an endo.

3) A real mountain biker only uses clipless pedals.

The times have changed, yet mountain bikers refuse flat pedals—a startling percentage of them, nonetheless. Many of the best riders in the world, like professional downhill racers, trail riders, and many incredibly talented shredders that tear up black-diamond trails everywhere, choose to ride this way. The truth is that while clipless pedals may be disastrous for novice riders, they are not a problem for experienced riders.

Even if mountain biker is already accustomed to clipless systems from road biking, they might benefit more from learning the sport on level terrain their first time around. It’s usual for novice riders learning on trails to react more slowly. That extra nanosecond to unclip could mean the difference between a preventable disaster and high-siding it off the route.

Learning to ride flat pedals not only helps riders avoid a lot of negative habits but also gives them practical abilities that they may use for whichever pedal system they select in the future. Once your backyard trails flow, you can introduce a clipless system as a variable.

4) Mountain biking is more Dangerous than Road Cycling

A person must reside in an area with little to no traffic if they follow this philosophy. With so many paths closed to motor vehicles, there is virtually little possibility of being hit by a driver texting while operating a vehicle while mountain biking.

Most friends who go road biking probably know someone who has been hit by a car, if not themselves. Trail riding has some danger, especially when riding on steep terrain. However, the likelihood of dying in a car is significantly higher than that of suffering a severe injury while mountain biking. You should constantly check in with yourself when you’re pushing the boundaries of what you’re comfortable with. Mistakes or accidents can happen, but riders always have the choice to define their boundaries.

5) Mountain Biking is Uncomfortable

It is not necessary at all. Spend some time getting assistance from a shop in choosing the right bike design and size for your requirements and objectives. Your riding experience will be improved by adding a hydration system, a comfortable saddle, and ergonomic grips. The handlebars, stem, seat position, and other parts can be changed. Customize your bike to fit you—almost everything is adjustable.

Closing Thoughts

The above myths are the most common ones. Mountain biking is an enriching and engaging sport. It is among the one that cultivates community building, camaraderie among riders, sharing trails and tips. It combines physical exercise with outdoor adventure and exploration thrills. Become one with nature and ride your MTB cycle to your heart’s content. Speaking of MTB bikes, Cambio Bikes offers best-in-class MTB bikes. The mountain bike prices are affordable, making it value for money and a great ride to explore the unexplored. 

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