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Signs that Show Your Mobile Phone Battery Ports are Damaged

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Cell phones are the most convenient way to connect with people worldwide. Also, they are not just cell phones but make a specific place in our lives in many ways. However, each component of this device is extremely important; without them, we would not be able to use phones properly. Furthermore, charging ports are also an essential part of the mobile phone that keeps our cell phone active the entire day. Moreover, sometimes the cell phone’s battery shows signs of battery damage, but you ignore it. If you are rushing to the cell phone repair shop in Milton to find the reasons behind the improper functioning of your cell phone, you must check these signs before anything else. Here are some important signs that reveal your cell phone battery ports are damaged, and you must get a repair process for this. 

Keep the Phone Charged Regularly

People often show carelessness with their mobile phones because they don’t keep them charged regularly. According to the experts at cell phone repair shops in Milton, people often remove their mobile phones from charging as their phone hits 40 to 45% of charging. Using a fully charged mobile phone can take 12 to 36 hours with you, which is good.  Every cell phone battery has a limited capacity depending on the number of charge cycles. It means you can use the mobile phone without charging it after 3 to 4 hours. But if still, you are charging your phone after a few hours; this is the most prominent sign you should take notice of it immediately.

The Phone Does Not Turn On After Charging

If your mobile phone is not turning on after charging for 1 to 2 hours, this is the most significant sign which shows your phone battery is in bad condition. It usually happens due to a faulty charger or clogged charging ports. It is good to clean the charging ports with a suitable brush and check the charger on another device before heading toward the phone repair shop in Milton. If other devices are not charging, it’s time to replace the charger, or if other devices are charging with your charger, you must check the charging ports.  

Unexpectedly Shutting Down

It looks inconvenient when your mobile phone abruptly stops or shuts down while attending a call or during any event. You often feel embarrassed when you go through such situations while sitting among your friends or family members. There can be two reasons behind this situation. 

  • You have fully charged your mobile phone, but it is continuously shutting down. In such cases, you must check for the best technician, like a cell phone repair shop in Milton
  • There must be a software issue with the mobile phone. 

 If you are facing these problems repeatedly, you must hire a professional to resolve this issue on time. 

Your Phone Only Works When Plug In

Another sign of a failing battery or damaged charging port is your phone works normally when you plug it in and stops working when you remove the charger. The experts at the Milton Wireless have amazing technicians who diagnose and repair such problems within a second. All you need to do is pay attention to the charging ports and charger. It is good to check everything to determine which is creating the problem. On the other hand, if your phone battery shows low charging when you remove it from the socket, you must visit the best repair shop that can resolve the issue on time.  


You are middle of your important task, and your mobile phone is re-starting without pressing the power button, right? This is one of the most inconvenient moments one can ever feel. The experts at the cell phone repair shop in Milton claim that if this condition happens regularly, your phone battery is near to breaking, and you are near to replacing or repairing your phone battery. 

Final Words 

These are the common signs our cell phone battery shows, or sometimes battery ports are near death, but we don’t pay attention to these signs. Furthermore, some people replace mobile phones instead of repairing charging ports. But now, you can visit the cell phone repair shop in Milton to get the best repair services. 

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