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Is it worth doing a Delta course?

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As a new EFL teacher, you would have heard other educators boasting about their Delta certification. People new to the teaching field often wonder what the Delta program is all about. 

Whether you are exploring the internet to learn about this new term you heard from others or trying to take your teaching career to the next level, the information about the Delta course is elucidated below. Moreover, you can see some valuable reasons that emphasise the importance of Delta for educators like you.

Delta Course – Overview

There are various ways to step ahead in your career as an English teacher, from staff meetings to in-class and online courses. However, Delta is the official progress in your career. Cambridge English, internationally recognised in Diploma in English Language Teaching (DELTA), is considered the level seven qualification in the United Kingdom. The course, equivalent to a Master’s degree, signifies the educator’s advancement from classroom to career.  

Though people desire to acquire Delta, they don’t have a precise idea to fit it into their working life. Above all, they are unsure how the course can help their career. Firstly, individuals should understand that the course is a diploma curated for experienced and qualified English teachers who desire to advance in their teaching careers. The course is categorised into three modules: an exam, an assessment of class work and tasks, and a written assignment.

If you are ready to take up the Delta program, the initial step is to check whether you are eligible. Any individual applying for the course should complete a minimum of 120-hour teaching qualification and two years of full-time experience in diverse levels. However, there are exceptions for specific individuals who will be allowed to take the course regardless of the eligibility criteria.

Is the course worth your money?

The Delta course is relatively pricier than the CELTA course, and it’s difficult for individuals to arrange funds. Based on the modules and the training centre, the cost can range from around three thousand dollars. You might see it as a huge price, but the Delta program is equivalent to a Master’s degree, costing you more than ten thousand dollars. 

Moreover, the practical course allows individuals to enhance their classroom teaching skills. With the Delta certification, you can also apply for higher responsibility roles and salary raises.

How can the Delta certificate help your teaching career?

A Delta certification is the key to unlocking several career opportunities that a CELTA-qualified educator cannot pursue. From teacher trainers to material writers and university lecturers, many jobs are open to Delta trainees across the globe. Besides a well-paid job, you will identify a significant difference in teaching capabilities after completing the Delta program.

The Delta qualification increases your professional value in the teaching industry and helps you explore various career avenues. When you see the senior job opportunities available, you can apply without any doubts. 

The Delta program deepens your understanding of the teaching and improves your knowledge. The practical course design allows you to enhance classroom performance by receiving feedback. You can scrutinise the teaching practices and elevate your teaching approach wherever possible.

If you are a CELTA-qualified teacher looking to take up the next challenge in your career, Delta certification is the right choice. You can utilise the courses available in various institutions to level up your career. Delta certification is an excellent tool to unleash the opportunities available in the teaching industry. It’s time to take up the most sought-after teaching course for teachers.

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