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Quicken Your Sluggish iPhone With Phone Repair Shop Tampa

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People hail iPhones for their fast and high performance and reliability. They are the fastest-performing phones the world has ever seen. From performing personal tasks to professional ones, you can complete them in a matter of seconds or minutes. That is why some people feel at ease while using iPhones. Imagine you have to send an email to your boss urgently. You try to type in your email, but the keyboard types the letters sluggishly. You become irritated. Finally, you have typed your email, it’s time to send it to your boss. You add a subject and CC to your email. It is ready to be delivered. You click on the send button and wait a bit, but it is taking forever to send an email. Your iPhone suddenly starts overheating because its slow performance is putting a strain on its battery and processor. You think the phone was working just fine, but what happened to it now? Your boss calls you, and you try to receive it with a hesitant voice, but wait, why is it taking long to receive a simple call? Is the universe messing with your head? Because your head has also started spinning with stress. Everything is going wrong, and you start picturing yourself getting fired from the job by your boss. Panic will start kicking in, but don’t worry, it is just an imagination to get you ready for all kinds of scenarios. Tellfix, a phone repair shop Tampa is one of the most popular repair stores which has a few tips to offer to quicken your sluggish iPhone, so you won’t have to face a difficult time. 

Reasons for a sluggish iPhone and a few Fixes

  1. Outdated Software

If your iPhone is performing slowly, it might be because of the old and outdated software you have on your iPhone. You can quicken the iPhone’s performance simply by updating the new iOS software version. These new updates come with new and innovative features along with performance and security improvements. As soon as you download and install the latest update, you will notice a visible change in your phone’s performance. You can also set your phone on auto-update, so whenever a new update comes, it starts updating instantly.

  1. Low Storage

Another reason for a phone to work sluggishly is its storage. One of the reasons people use the iPhone is its storage, capacity and how beautiful pictures the camera takes, but one thing they don’t realise is that the storage can make your phone work slowly. If you have low storage, it is necessary to delete and remove apps and data you no longer use. Go to the gallery of your iPhone and delete all the duplicate photos and videos. You may also have tons of apps downloaded on your iPhone that you don’t even use. It is suggested by a phone repair shop in Tampa to manage your storage by going to settings and opening your iPhone’s storage. You will see different apps taking up different spaces on your phone. Delete the apps you don’t use anymore. 

  1. Your iPhone might contain malware.

Another reason behind the sluggishness of your iPhone is the presence of malware and viruses. There can be several reasons behind the malware, viruses, cache and temps. It is recommended by electronic repair in Tampa to eliminate these viruses and malware immediately. The temporary malware can be eliminated by restarting your device and updating your phone. You can also delete all the unwanted apps from the phone you don’t even recognise. Finally restore your iPhone’s settings to remove all the temp, cache and viruses. 

  1. An App Sucking Out Your Phone’s Energy

Many people think that it is easier to access the apps when they are opened in the background. You don’t have to go through all the pages to find the desired app and open it. All you have to do is swipe up from the bottom and open the app. There is no problem in doing that. However, if an app has gotten some bug or malware, it might be sucking out all the energy from your iPhone and making it slow and sluggish. The only way to quicken your iPhone is to close all the apps from the background or at least close the culprit app if you recognise it. Another reason your iPhone is working sluggishly is that you allow the apps to access your location. It is necessary to turn off your location or don’t give the apps permission to find your location. 

  1. Extreme Weather Conditions

Another reason behind your phone’s sluggish performance is the extreme weather conditions. If you live in a country or city that has cold and scorching heat, you might be facing this problem. It is necessary to keep your phone away from extreme heat. It is recommended by the phone repair shop in Tampa to use your phone a room temperature. You can also purchase a case that saves your phone from extreme temperatures. 

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