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How to Start a Watch Collection

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Are you looking to begin a new hobby?

As you seize the coronavirus pandemic and try to find new ways to entertain yourself and fill your time, hobbies can be a great idea. Not only can they increase your happiness and keep you active, but they can teach you skills and lead to new opportunities.

Starting a watch collection may be the right idea for you. What exactly is a watch collection and how do you get started? Keep reading and we’ll walk you through the process.

Researching Watch Styles and Brands

The watch styles can be categorized by material, such as gold, silver, or titanium, and by type of movement, such as manual, automatic, or quartz. The watch brands offer different levels of quality and craftsmanship, as well as variety in design, size, and color like grand seiko.

Once the ideal watch style and brand are chosen, the pricing and availability of the watch should be researched, too. Researching watch brands and styles are key to finding the perfect timepiece to start a watch collection.

Establishing a Budget for Your Collection

With the right budget, you’ll be able to trade and purchase the best watches that fit within your budget without breaking the bank. It’s important to determine a budget range you are comfortable with and to stick with it.

Knowing what you are willing to pay for each watch will also help you buy quality timepieces that will retain their value. Additionally, it’s important to research the watchmakers and the materials used in each watch to ensure you are getting the best possible quality for your budget. 

Seeking Out Quality Pieces

A great place to start is to seek out quality pieces when browsing for chronograph watches for sale. Not only are chronographs a timeless classic style of watch, but they are also powerful pieces of functional art. They have been long revered for their sophisticated aesthetic as well as their functionality.

Quality chronographs will use either manual or automatic movements that are extremely accurate, reliable, and durable. They are also well constructed with precision-machined pieces and fine materials like gold, stainless steel, and sapphire. A quality chronograph makes an excellent centerpiece or cornerstone on which to start a watch collection. 

Storing and Caring for Your Watch Collection

When starting a watch collection, it is important to have a secure place to store and care for each piece. If you plan to use the pieces often, a closet or dresser can provide added protection over a bookshelf or exposed wall display. If you need to store your watch collection away often, consider a container that is dust and moisture-resistant.

Additionally, if you have the space, have a dedicated watch box that would provide a safe and secure place for your collection. To ensure your most valuable watches are preserved, condition them regularly by having a professional clean and polish them. Lastly, investing in a watch winder is a great way to keep your collection running and protect the movement of the watches. 

Tips to Start Your Watch Collection and Not Screw Up

Starting a watch collection is an enjoyable pastime! You can focus on new or vintage watches, automatics or man-driven watches, luxury or luxury-adjacent, or just timeless classics. Before you buy, always read up on the brand and make sure to budget accordingly. So, why not get started adding some premium timepieces to your collection today?

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