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How to Choose a Stone Color for Your Jewelry

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About 10,000 years ago humans were already domesticating dogs and building Göbekli Tepe. Even earlier, though, about 15,000 years ago, we began one of our oldest traditions: crafting jewelry. Since then, we’ve mastered the art of transforming precious gems into brilliant crystal jewelry. Entire industries mine, cut, and sell these gorgeous creations in massive quantities. This creates a problem: you have too many stone colors to choose from! Getting the right stone color for your necklace or gemstone rings is a deceptively simple decision. Every color invokes different emotions and feelings. Choosing wrong one could result in an expensive mistake.  Never fear. In this guide, we’ll help you identify the perfect color to go with your jewelry.

Choose Your Favorite Stone Color

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best one. Many people overthink this question and drive themselves insane. Jewelry doesn’t have to always have a deeply personal significance.  Consider just going with your favorite color. This is likely a color that is plentiful elsewhere in your life. In your home decorations, your car, or even your phone case Most people have figured out their favorite color by adulthood. It’s the one your eye veers towards naturally. A color you know to be right with something approximating subconscious recognition. If you know what you fancy, don’t make the process more complicated. Love the color blue? Then go find aquamarine gemstones for sale.

Try Things on

Struggling to come up with your favorite color? It helps to try things on. Head to your local jeweler and ask them to try out the rings and necklaces. We humans are visual creatures. Looking at a gem online is not the same as seeing it in person. That eyes-only, physical proximity can prevent buying something that looks different in real life. So if nothing else works, a mirror with a retailer’s help might do the trick.

Find Something that Matches Your Outfits

If you are into making jewelry, we can surmise that you’re a fashionista. You put together a new outfit every time you go out and stress over color matching. If that’s the case, then choose jewelry trends that fit your wardrobe. Most people tend to have a preferred color palette. A goth girl needs nothing more than charcoal and black. Someone who is more Zen and Namaste tends to raid the secondhand clothing store for tie-dyes and fractals. If you always have a certain style, that makes it much easier. Just select the gemstone rings and colors that go with those arrangements.

Statement Pieces

For many people, they don’t define themselves by one specific style. Instead, they regularly jink from one fad to another. One day they are metro and chic, the next formal and professional.  If that’s the situation, then you are looking for a statement piece. Simply put, a statement piece is a highly versatile, singular jewelry item. In theory, it can go with almost any outfit that you have. Statement pieces are the center of attention. The pinnacle. Eyes draw to them first before anything else you’re wearing. However, a good statement piece doesn’t dominate your current getup. It complements everything else it goes with. Choose a color that would make for an excellent statement piece.

Colors for Every Occasion

If you can afford it, get as many colors as you like. Outfits are often an expression of our mood. When it’s winter, we go for somber tones instead of bright ones. Plain and simple, some gemstone color options are just not evergreen. They only fit with a specific color scheme or time of year. The solution is just to buy more!  That’s the fun in fashion, after all. No one wants to have just a handful of outfits. Instead, we want a “spoon for every bite,” as it were.

Match With Your Personality

Now we are getting into tricky territory. There are entire libraries full of books that try to categorize personality types. Search for personality tests on Google, and you will get a billion results. For some people, established personality categories are good enough. Firebrand, lightning-in-a-bottle types do well in red. Creative recluses tend towards gloomy blues.

Ask the Experts

Do some research on this topic. There are plenty of experts out there–certified or self-appointed–to guide you. Chances are, at least a couple are onto something. Ask them for their take. Get a reading from a psychic or a New Age spiritualist. They may provide you with interesting results that aid you in your search for a color.

Do Some Soul Searching

If you like to explore your spiritual side, use that as a geiger counter. Dive into yourself with any introspection method you prefer. Trip on acid, look to the stars, or wait for cosmic alignment. These moments of navel gazing may provide surprising answers. Who knows, your spirit color may reveal itself only through deep examination. Then, you’ll have a color that goes with much more than mere gemstones.

Research Gemstone Meaning and Symbolism

Gemstones across the ages have gained unique properties in all cultures. For China, Jade is a holy mineral ideal for iconography. For the US, the diamond is the epitome of promise in love and romance. Finding the right color might work best if you keep to those traditions. Search out books or YouTube videos that discuss the history of individual gems. You may learn surprising things about how your ancestors interpreted certain colors.  This could avoid some unintentional embarrassment. For example, suppose you wear a lapis lazuli as an skeptic. That’s perhaps a mistake, since this gemstone is a symbol of psychic ability. You could also choose gemstones according to what you want to radiate. Think of it as the law of attraction. If you want honesty and trust in relationships, for example, then select a garnet. 

Now Go Get Your Gemstones

The stone color is just as important as the size and the cut of a gem. For this reason, many people deliberate for ages when choosing stones for jewelry. Use this guide as a helpful starting off point as you select the stone color that’s ideal for you. Follow our blog and learn something new every day.

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