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How Does an Eye Doctor in Indore Diagnose Squint Eyes?

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Ever wondered how an eye doctor figures out if your eyes are misaligned? Since this eye condition is common in children, it becomes difficult to identify it accurately. Not just children, but individuals of any age are vulnerable to this problem. This eye condition is called squint eyes or strabismus. 

Strabismus occurs when the eye muscles accountable for the movement of your eyes don’t work properly. This affects your ocular movement, leading to strabismus. To identify strabismus, an eye doctor in Indore says that headaches, eye strain, and double vision are some common symptoms of this condition. In the early stages, it is common to have misaligned eyes, but you must consult an eye specialist Bangalore. 

In this article, we’ll familiarise you with the tests that eye specialists perform to spot squint eyes and help you see clearly.

Understanding Squint Eyes (Strabismus)

Squint eyes, or strabismus, occur when the eyes do not align properly. In this condition, one of your eyes may point straight ahead while the other turns inward, outward, upward, or downward. This misalignment can result in double vision, blurred vision, and even amblyopia (lazy eye) if left untreated. This is why it is crucial to detect squint eyes to prevent potential vision complications. 

How Do Doctors Assess Squint Eyes? 

When you visit the best eye hospital in Indore after you suspect squint eyes, eye care specialists begin with your comprehensive eye examination. It is done to assess your eye health, determine the level of squint, and identify potential underlying causes. They also understand your medical history and the symptoms that you experience. 

For in-depth analysis and diagnosis of squint eyes, specialists conduct the following tests:

  1. Visual Acuity Test

The eye doctors start with a visual acuity test. In this test, you need to read letters on a chart that allows them to understand your level of visual clarity in each eye. If there are any discrepancies between your eyes, it might indicate squint eyes.

  1. Eye Cover Test

This is one of the most common tests used to diagnose squint eyes. Your eye care specialist may ask you to cover your eyes while focusing on an object. After that, they observe the movement of your other eye and vice versa. If they notice any shift in the position of the uncovered eye, it signifies misalignment. 

  1. Corneal Light Reflex Test

The corneal light reflex test, also known as the Hirschberg test, allows eye specialist Indore to evaluate how light reflects off the cornea’s surface. By examining the corneal reflections from both eyes, the doctor can determine if the eyes are aligned or if there is a squint present.

  1. Ocular Motility Test

This test evaluates your eyes’ ability to move smoothly and accurately. It can help identify muscle imbalances that contribute to the squint.

Treatment Options for Squint Eyes 

Your eye care professionals may go with the following options to treat your squinted eyes: 

  1. Prism Lenses

In this, the professionals at a prominent eye hospital in Indore use prisms to measure the angle and degree of squint. By placing prisms in front of the eyes, they can determine the amount of deviation and relieve your double vision difficulty. 

  1. Corrective Lenses

Determining the need for corrective lenses in squint eyes is also essential, as uncorrected refractive errors can worsen this condition. Corrective lenses reduce the burden of your eyes to focus on a specific object. 

  1. Medications

To relieve the symptoms of squint eyes, an eye doctor in Indore may suggest eye drops or injections. Depending on your eye condition, they recommend the best solution. 

  1. Surgical Intervention

When non-surgical methods are not effective for your squint eyes, eye care specialists may perform strabismus surgery. This helps alter the size or position of your eye muscles for proper alignment. Before proceeding, they provide anaesthesia. 

If you undergo strabismus surgery, you must visit your doctor frequently to keep a check on your healing process. 

Squint eyes can be a cause of concern, but with the expertise of an eye doctor in Indore, the condition can be diagnosed accurately and managed effectively. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent any complications while ensuring optimal vision health. Through a combination of comprehensive eye examinations and specialised tests, prestigious hospitals like Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital improve the quality of life, protecting your vision. 

So, if you experience symptoms of squint eyes or have any concerns about your eye health, schedule your appointment with an eye doctor for a thorough assessment. The professional experts of Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital will take care of you throughout the treatment process. 

Your eyes deserve the best care, and with the right diagnosis, you take a significant step towards preserving your vision.

To protect your precious eyesight, book an appointment right away! 

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